Waiting, waiting waiting

I am not very good at waiting and it has always been something I find onerous, yet I seem to find this state one I am most inured to.

Waiting for Christmas…
Waiting for a moment to chase a paid for present for someone who is hanging about and I need to chase delivery ( running out of time peoples…)
Waiting for Christmas Day to be closer so I may start the mammoth cook fest
Waiting for Geni to come home after her sleepover
Waiting for Leonnie and Tony to wake so I may make breakfast for myself ( the blender would wake them!!)
Waiting for my Grandson to pop by

But you get the picture. Waiting is not easy for a doer.


3 comments on “Waiting, waiting waiting

  1. the JS situation looks very dreary indeed….

  2. Yes – AND waiting for js to come back up ( but this seems a distant hope…)

  3. and waiting for JS to come back up?

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