it is the Tuesday before Christmas

and I am on holiday. Although you would never know it form the amount of cleaning and cooking I have been doing plus the fact I have more or less had AJ ( Grandson) since Saturday.  The relatives descend on Thursday so between then and now I need to prepare the rice salad, cook the meats ( loin of pork and turkey breast) and clean through this place.  Today will be a clean out the linen closet sort through my clothing sort of day and I am half tempted to go out and purchase a small chest freezer ( if Tony can fit it in his car!!) and then we are set.

Leonnie has read a book a day and has one book only left of the Twilight series but I have asked if she cold come back and spend some time with us in the real world for a bit before she disappears into the next book.  Amy and Cass are taking Grandma shopping. Tess is still working and I believe Pandy will be working this evening.

Right now I think I want  coffee.


7 comments on “it is the Tuesday before Christmas

  1. How do I do it? I mentally make a list, prioritise and just tick things off one by one. I just keep going until everything that needs to be done, IS done.

  2. you make me tired just reading your entries! How do you do it all? But I’m sure in the end it will be all worth it!!

    Here’s wishing you and yours a marvelous Christmas!!

  3. I miss you, too, Lori and once I have broken the back on the cleaning I will send you a lovely long gossipy email. Michael having a 6 year old boy the last few days I have had a glut of xBox games ( all pushing cars off cliffs and bashing into things with much hilarity! Ugh!! irish whiskey sounds nice but I have a delicious darjeeling tea which would be criminal to supplement and I am happy to share!!!. Kelly and Scott thank you for popping by!!! I am a great reader as well so it surprises me not at all that Leonnie disappears into other worlds. I hope this Christmas is filled with all the love and joy you both deserve ( and I am sure it will be!!)

  4. I often get lost in my Star Wars novels and have to run back to the real world for a bit.

  5. Enjoy that cuppa coffee, Maggs. Here’s wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. 🙂


  6. I am having a cup of tea myself. I am babysitting. I wish I had something strong to put in the tea…like Irish whiskey. I have just supervised the application of makeup. My little niece loves her purple eyebrows. My own daughter has one pink and one blue eyelid.

  7. I’d love some coffee too. May I come share a cup with you?

    I’m back to the baking and cleaning myself. I miss you.

    Much love
    me 🙂

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