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It is Christmas Eve

and the calm before th cleaning and cooking frenzy – not necessarily in that order. 

ALL shopping is done and presents are largely wrapped.  The pork is cooked and the turkey will go on this morning.  I have some few gifts to wrap, but they are the little things and most of the groceries have been done.  My issue currently is to cook and prepare what we need and will eat and not cook enough to feed half of Sydney. I tend to overdo when it comes to hospitality.

I need to finalise the decorations.

This morning I am breathing better and easier ( with the aid of drugs or puffers ( fingers crossed and thus far)).  

I love the quiet when Tony and the girls are sleep when I may gather my thoughts.

Tony is so much happier when we are all here and around; perhaps some of his unhappiness is loneliness?  he works for himself and spends much of his time alone and although he is largely self-contained he also needs the fellowship of people.  Incidentally, HE has a short shopping list as well for final things I could not really buy yesterday; turkish bread, more cabanossi ( because he ate the sticks as fast as i bought them so he now needs to replace them) and I know I scribbled other things on the list but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are!!

Now I just need to work out how to get an image up here as my icon and I am set, for a while.

Haqppy Christmas Eve everyone!!

One comment on “It is Christmas Eve

  1. Happy Christmas to you too!

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