Christmas madness

There was no conflict, just peace and companionship, caring and food and eventually, exhaustion.  It was a memorable Christmas.  We did not expect Grandma ( mum ) to be here so this is a bonus.  Tess is carrying her second child and even Pandy and AJ showed.  Sadly Tony did NOT hear from his son ( although Tony tried!!) and Geni and Leonnie got to spend time with us and with their father and his girlfriend.  Geni, Amy and Leonnie epistomise the joy of this time we spent together.



4 comments on “Christmas madness

  1. Hey Scott and Kelly!!! Stay cool?? I somehow received a Wii which was the hit of the post-feast day with us all playing tennis or bowling or baseball and I tell you we worked up a sweat. it was truly fun!! Happy Christmas to you both!!

  2. Looks like some fun times at “Maggs Place”. Y’all stay cool. (Heehee…I love saying that.)


  3. Happy Christmas Maggs!

  4. We survived Christmas and now at the end of it, we breathe, in the quiet.

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