It is Christmas and all around the house…

nothing is stirring – not even a mouse. 

Except for me.

I am up and spending a few moments here with my friends and my coffee before I finish my last minute preparations for the ensuing Christmas Feast.  The presents reside under the tree and are very impressive ( even though I cut back!!)

I can’t believe the girls are sleeping.  As teens, I suppose the days of them nagging us at 6amish to get up and open presents are long gone.  On the positive side, they help clean and cook and contribute now and it means I don’t have a long and lonely vigil Christmas Eve as I did for so many years.

We have a flight of handmade and hand painted angels adorning the wall near the dining table, resplendent in Christmas cream and gold with flashes of red.  The dining room floor is littered with a room full of inflated balloons ( we lost only two in the night!!) and the feast is sufficiently advanced that I may stop and relax instead of frantically stressing.


Happy Christmas all.


2 comments on “It is Christmas and all around the house…

  1. I agree, it sounds splendid!

    I will be leaving for my daughter’s home in about 2.5 hours for the next Christmas venture.

    I hope you are surviving this Christmas day! {hugs}

  2. Sounds absolutely splendid. What a nice sounding ambiance.
    Merry Christmas!

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