Jo’s Story

Today my clan all will congregate at my cousin, Anne’s, place.  Her sister ( and also my cousin) Jo is out visiting from UK and although we had a huge gathering with me and mine, Anne had 30 for her Christmas lunch.  

Jo was born a little slow due to an accident at birth.  She is not so backward that it is very noticable but she talks a little differently and whereas all the rest of us received high marks academically, Jo struggled to pass.   Jo went to normal school and struggled through.  Jo got a job in a packing section in a factory and met someone ( also a little slow).

They married, got a nice little cottage with a nice little mortgage and had two little boys. 

5 years ago as I was recovering from my cancer battle, Jo was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her mum and dad helped her through the treatment and with the boys and her husband continued working o they could keep up with the mortgage.    She did well.  In August we received word the cancer was back. And it was worse.  

Jo competed her treatment not long before they came out here and the doctors encouraged her journeying as she may never have another chance as this time her prognosis is not good. 

Just before Christmas her husband was told there was no job to come back to but they decided to go ahead with this holiday and make it the best holiday ever for Jo and the boys and they would deal with the day-to-day when they go back.

I forget, you know, for hours and weeks at a time that it cold be me walking this road and not Jo.  I forget I have fought breast cancer twice and I am still here leading a normal and full life with every day a universe in itself and full of what matters to me, most.  

So while a 48 bake of my cupcakes is in the oven and  am drinking my morning coffee ( thank you Wizardress…it is LOVELY!!) in the quiet while Tony, Geni and Leonnie are all still sleeping I want to thank each of you who help me feel not so alien and odd and who give me the gift of knowing I m not alone in some of my ideas and choices.

Dancing with the cancer monster strips so much away form the scales and the pettiness we decorate our lives with sometimes.  it provides a focus that sees clearly into the heart of all you meet and all you are and gives you permission to rewrite the rules.   Little things that once offended and hurt bitterly now bounce off me and I see more of the pain and fear that motivate the wrong choices some people make that hurt others.   

Thank you for visiting and supporting me in my every day.

All of you mean more to me than I can adequately express.


6 comments on “Jo’s Story

  1. I am working on staying positive too, Westy but as you know it is not always easy! Maggs

  2. So far I’ve been lucky (knock-on-wood) but you never know what the future will bring. I try to already appreciate the little things and ignore nonsense, but it’s not always easy.

    Your friend Jo sounds amazing.

  3. Kelly, time does fix that, although there is that cold rush of terror when something is “not right” with your body in some way. I still break out into a cold sweat if something doesn’t “feel” right. The wonderful thing I found was that NOT everything is the cancer returning. I still meditate every morning as this helps keep me in the now., in that every moment that we all really have. Feel free to borrow my line. It fits so well for me too.

  4. “Dancing with the cancer monster…” – love that line so much I am going to borrow it whenever I can. Cancer certainly forces one to realize what is important in life. This next year I am working on easing the paranoia that comes with having had cancer. I am not sure what that path will take – more meditation? more acceptance? Not sure but something I will be working on.

    Thanks for this post Maggs!

  5. I do, Scott. I do indeed. Maggs.

  6. I understand completely. Kelly was recovering from same this time last year. Enjoy every day like it’s your…well…you know.

    Take care and ENJOY LIFE!!


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