Hazing of days

As I am off work until next Monday, I am finding that the days haze together and the more I relax and rest the more tired I seem to feel; almost as if the tiredness has built up and just squeezes out of me when I finally stop.  

Geni is off with friends and will be home at 5.30pm.  Leonnie is rereading the four Twilight series books.  Tony and she went to check on the hermit crabs who now live at his workplace and I went shopping and came home triumphantly with a Wii Fit.  For a small investment ( less than a month at a gym membership) I have something I can do in the comfort of my own home and use this to enhance my growing old disgracefully plans.

Aside from that I have purchased next year’s Christmas cards at a cut price and picked up tickets for the four of us to see Madagascar2 tomorrow.

How is your day?

4 comments on “Hazing of days

  1. *waves hello to Michael*** Kate I agree with you on the Wii Fit. I managed to unearth one of the only wo left at Hornsby. Tony looked before Christmas and could not find one for love or money AND it is fun. We are all using it. Scott, how I relate!!

  2. The calendar says it’s Monday, but with all the holidays it feels like Saturday. No…make that Friday. No…make that…oh heck, just wake me when it’s January. 🙂


  3. It’s still morning here, and Bill and Jamie are sleeping. Em is watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” in her room.
    I’m having coffee 🙂
    Congrats on the Wii Fit! They’re in big demand here, and not easily found!

  4. I think it is time you picked up a camera and went for a walk. You are relaxed but your body is bored. Today, the sun is bright within a glorious, blue sky. I may not get any photos but I will enjoy a crisp winter’s day (or what passes for winter here in Southeast Texas).

    I think I will get the second Narnia movie…

    Hi Maggs!

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