Breath – “Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more and all good things will be yours.” Swedish proverb

Since I was a small small child I have suffered breathing difficulties.  I have a scarred left lung made worse by the radiation of a cancer treatment ( but in life there are often tradeoffs – we have choices but they are not always GOOD/BAD axis choices, sometimes they are BAD/WORSE or BETTER/BEST) This choice I made was a BAD/WORSE choice and as always I deal with what lies before me and just get on with it. 

Are you aware of your breathing?  I know I am, because there are days I cannot lie down as I feel I am drowning in fluid and cannot get enough air into my lungs.   There comes a time each morning where I just cannot lie down anymore.   So I get up.  I do not say Why Me?  I think Why NOT me?  It is better me than someone else.    And I can see improvements.    I am not dosing myself with steroids as a short term symptom fix every day.  The doctors would have me do this but that does not solve the problem – rather it suppresses the symptoms for a while when coupled with puffers and antibiotics and they come screaming right back when the medication is at an end.   I do not want this tyranny of chemicals when I have avoided chemicals and other toxic substances for the larger part of my life ( even when it was fashionable!!).

This is a bit of a rant so bear with me. 

Mum’s closeness to leaving this life over many month in 2008 brought home jarringly how much we take for granted of the simple things; the breath that courses in and out, the way we eat and what our body does with this, the elimination of wastes an what happens when the body doesn;t do what it was designed to do. 

We do not think about what we do – what our body does unconsciously unless we stop and focus on these simple wondrous functions.

What is the Breath of Life?  here I am not talking about the intake and exhalation of air, but I am talking about that something that ignites our being, that invisible spark that mobilises our conscious and soul and each and every cell. 

” Breathe. Let go. remind yourself that this very moment is the onlyone you know you have for sure.” Oprah Winfrey.


10 comments on “Breath – “Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more and all good things will be yours.” Swedish proverb

  1. Scott, all I can ay is amen to that. This year has underscored those very things ( again) for me!! Fin ( *waves hello to bethany and passes a crate load of tissues**) Sorry you have both been bound by the dreaded lurgy, but see – there is a positive even in that. And Gina )HHHHHH how I have missed ou, too. Hugs to you and all yours. Maggs.

  2. I have missed you, and reading your words makes me homesick for you. *smiling* silly eh?

    I have had health issues my entire life too, and have discovered that healthy living, a positive attitude, and cathartic laughter as often as possible, make a remarkable difference in my life, and that of my family.

    My son, matthew, has 3 life-threatening lung diseases, among other things. He has had them since he was born. He is on no medication for them whatsoever anymore. And hasn’t been since I weaned him off a shoe-box full (literally) 10 years ago. (although I will admit to keeping certain ones in the house for emergencies, should one arise.) We practice prevention.

    I think you are a woman wiser than your years, and am very grateful to be able to share in a little of that. I hope your holiday was filled with wonder and joy.

    {{hugs}}- Gina

  3. Both my intended and I have suffered from really nasty chest colds simultaneously, so we are BOTH very aware of how important breathing is. I guess the mercy is that it was not just one or the other of us, because it sure sounds as nasty as it feels:-)

  4. People seem to be so preoccupied about genuinely unimportant things such as how much “stuff” they can amass, then look right past what is really important in life. Thanks for reminding us. 🙂


  5. Dorrie, I have ALWAYS had something not quite right physically and have just got on with living anyways. it has stood me in good stead -until now. But I do NOT trust doctors who so easily prescribe. I am looking for better, cleaner healthier ways – hence my Aging Gracefully section. I have gone two whole days without using an inhaler. I refused to refill the corticosteroid prescription in November and have discontinued my antibiotics for the moment. One day at a time.

  6. hi Maggs!

    My mom suffered from asthma until moving to the dry California climate. But now, at 89, her breathing problems have returned. Both of my older grandkids have to inhale a breather regularly. My daughter claims the doc knows what he’s doing and it was necessary, but some times I wonder….

    I hadn’t realised that you have so many health issues. But your positive attitude is really uplifting! {{hugs}}

  7. Thanks Kate. I pop by your journal every day but as I am on a Mac,I can’t see the blurred image so can’t post what I want to say. Like Scott, I am frustrated. maggs

  8. I hope that you feel stronger and stronger with each passing day. Excellent post!

  9. Thanks Kelly. I remember that quote and there have been times, I, too, have kept going by sheer force of will. Maggs.

  10. Great post! You are an inspiration.

    Tom Hanks said in Sleepless in Seattle (the movie) in a scene where he had discussed his wife’s death and the therapist on the phone asked him “What are you going to do” (or something to that effect”

    He said (something to the effect of)

    “I am going to keep breathing in and out everyday until I no longer have to think about breathing in and out everyday”

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