New Year’s Resolutions

I have already gotten a forward march on health and fitness, beginning on Boxing Day in a fury of post feast guilt and am now well on my way to settling into  healthy feeding and exercise program (Aging Gracefully) so the I will save more’s, eat less, exercise more’s that begin New Year and end a week later will not be a path I am taking this year.

The way I see it is that this time of the year is just NOT the time to resolve to lose weight, learn Cyrillic, or take p line dancing.  Here I sit as the sun chews it’s way through the glass wall of windows behind my back, the sky is unfailingly blue ( unless a summer storm takes over and the blue becomes a deep intense blue-gray,  and I am sipping a cold drink in the cool with a smorgesbord of stone fruits to choose from to quench my thirst and delight my taste buds.   The time for resolutions are cold wet blustery night times in late June when life is at a low ebb.  The knees creak, the social life is a bit ho-hum because noone wants to venture out, the wallet is a bit thin and you have just eaten the last slice of chocolate cake – THAT is the time for resolutions. Surely not blissfully hot January? 

However, I have resolved to consider the following:

  • I will stop asking what people want to eat. I will simply make enough for ten people and feed them, as they eat mine anyways, so this will provide ore than enough for them and save my meagre bits.
  • ASKING WHO LEFT THE DIRTY DISHES ON THE SINK IS SIMPLY NOT WORKING.  I will acknowledge this and simply move on.
  • Following on from the one above,  I will put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher myself and stop upsetting everyone by huffing and puffing and muttering and slamming cupboard doors.  It will then be my fault if a perfectly nice family evening becomes unpleasant because of my bad mood.  Imagine if I cook and prepare everything that I expect a little assistance in cleanup? Shameful of me, really!!
  • I will NOT ask Geni and Tony to put their dirty washing in the bathroom laundry basket. I now I will run from room to room rifling through their amassed piles on the floor on either side of their beds and will collect it myself. Why upset myself by hoping they will do it themselves and then blurting out a request?
  • I will not confuse a polite question about how I am with a genuine interest in how I REALLY am and proceed to regale people with minute details about my last heavy cold. 
  • I will review the family skillset as times are tough. Children are no longer allowed to marry people they love.  I have been informed by the Man of the House we need a superannuation advisor and a plumber. We will give preference ( and likely money) to the son or potential daughter in law who is able to do one or preferably both! 
  • I will not shop for groceries this year. This is because briefly, once this past year, I lost the will to live in the cereal aisle. 
  • I will stop jumping to conclusions.  I will sidle up to them sneakily and in a roundabout way instead.
  • I will keep on providing free food, free cash, free dvds and beds because it has worked so far.
  • I will NOT ask any of them to occasionally sort and do a load of washing nor will I ask them to hang it because again, I am the one who gets upset so why cause myself all this stress?  
  • Nor will I ask any of them to collect any of the clothes hanging unloved on the line for days and weeks at a time.  I will take pity on said items and will lovingly remove them while they still smell of summer sunlight and fold them lovingly and put them away so the owner miraculously always has clean laundered clothing to wear on whim.
  • When they are hardest for me to show love to, that is when I will love them hardest and longest and show it MORE no matter what it feels like to me, because that is when they need it most.
  • I promise to listen more and HEAR what they are saying, paying particular attention to the things which sit behind and between the words. And act on what this shows me.
  • I will endeavour to pick my battles and fight for what matters most; I will ask myself if this one thing (insert anything here) will matter in five years – if the answer is YES then I will argue and eloquently but if the answer is NO then I will let it go.
  • I will be conscious of needs and wants and the differences and let NEED guide my purchasing choices and not “I WANT”.  I will try to embody this so my children learn this lesson too, even the grown ones.
  • I will remind myself that selfishness and self-centredness and a whole slew of human nastiness is usually caused by fear and lack of self confidence.  I will endeavour to see beyond the deed and love the person who so desperately needs this love, behind any hurtful deed or action. 
  • Mostly I will love in word and in deed to the best of my ability in each and every moment I have. 

Please note some of these see my tongue firmly in cheek…LOL.

5 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Looks like about half your list involves dirty dishes or dirty clothes. So eat off paper plates, use no utensils, and let ’em wear dirty, smelly clothes. At least YOUR life will be less stressful. Haha! 😉


  2. Yes, kelly, they are meant to be funny ( most of them in fact – some levity around the seriousness of this time. ) I agree Ben. The lat one says it all, really. Oh Dorrie, I SO know what you mean. Yet another sleep gone and you are on the plane soon. Maggs.

  3. I love the fact that you feel sorry for “things”, like the clothes on the line. lol I do that, too. I didn’t even dare go near a Christmas tree place this year because I’m sure a poor little tree would have stood that saying “take me home”! Because of my trip I didn’t want to set one up… and I didn’t! I avoided temptation. Yes! 😉

  4. Oh I certainly hope some of those are meant to be funny!

    I do like the one about 5 years – I need to do that often with people ( I already do that with wants/needs of stuff).

    I never fell off any healthy bandwagon so it has been quite easy to start the new year off healthy.

    Thank you for the kind words about my paintings.

  5. I have some of the same problems with kids around this place, but – the last resolution I thought/think speaks volumes.

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