2008, in retrospect

  • JANUARY:  Heath Ledger died as the New Year began.  I began a new work role in the film industry, so as this news broke I was steeping myself in that world.  It was all around me.  All I could think was what a waste of life this was.  OJ Simpson was jailed.  The Australian Prime Minister apologised to the native Australians ( the Aboriginal people) for the stolen generation and all the dislocation and pain caused.   PM Rudd also ratified the Kyoto Protocol and the Australian commitment to this initiative began.
  • FEBRUARY: Leonnie began High School and I took her father to court to ensure she could attend where she chose to go.    He wanted her to attend the local High School ( across the road from where he currently lives) and she wanted to attend an all girls private school that costs more but provides a far better standard for education and opportunity.   Her friends, also,were going to this school she wanted to attend.   She asked for my help and I gave it to the best of my ability.  
  • MARCH:  Arthur C Clarke dies.
  • APRIL: Tony and I move from The Central Coast ( 2 hours north of Sydney) back to Sydney’s northern suburbs and Geni ( aged 13) moves from her father’s care to reside with us full time. We embark on a Family Court Case to change the status. Geni is enrolled in a new High School and begins to build a new life for herself.   I am still alive, 5 years after my first dance with the cancer demon; alive and living well.
  • MAY:  The Phoenix spacecraft lands on Mars.
  • JUNE: Australian troops begin to withdraw from Iraq.  Bird flu vaccine is ready for production.  
  • JULY: Mum admitted to hospital for stomach cancer.  Suffers 4 operations in as many weeks and embarks on a long struggle back to health. Thousands of Catholics and the Pope arrive in Sydney,  Australia for World Youth Day.  My every day became an early start, minimum hours at work and then the hospital until they kicked me out. There were several nights where I hardly made it home at all.  This continued until October when Mum made it home to her place and began the climb to some sort of normal life. 
  • AUGUST: Isaac Hayes passes away. The Olympic Games are held in Beijing. Google celebrates it’s 10th birthday. Mum survives to see her 82nd birthday which we barely celebrated. But she hung on.   Tiger Airways begins to chance the face of aviation in Australia with ultra-cheap fares. Geni is hit my a car on her way home form Thursday night drama classes crossing a busy highway NOT waiting for the lights.  She is bruised and shaken but no serious injuries.   A huge lesson but one that stuck and it could have been so much worse!!  Lowandslow1 survives another year ( because he said so!!)
  • SEPTEMBER:  Paul Newman passes away. China takes it’s first space walk.
  • OCTOBER:  Mum released home and begins to restructure her life outside the hospital and recovery.  We are grateful to still have her with us. 
  • NOVEMBER:  American Presidential elections.  Barrack Obama becomes the first coloured American President Elect, with a notable Camelotesque speech that sparked tears. Mumbai terror attacks. My cousin, Jo, and her family arrived from the UK to holiday with her sister ( who lives here). The Family Court finally changes the contact/residence orders and Geni is legally to live with me full time from now on.  India launches its first successful satellite. Bali bombers executed.
  • DECEMBER: Journalspace dies as the year ends.  Amy finishes her final University exams and secures her first full time Primary teaching position.  Michael completes his Honours in International Studies.   

It is at this point I  would like to review m journal just to pick out juicy bits and things of significance, but of course I cannot as js is no more.    But that is life.  Things change.

At this point in time, he current status is as follows:

  1. Mum although now very frail has survived the traumas of cancer and surgery and is still moving through life and living largely independently with some assistance from myself and my grown children.    I am grateful for each and every moment we have with her EVEN the 5 phone calls a day because she needs the contact and has forgotten how demanding work can be because we did not expect her to be here.
  2. My sister is still estranged because of her own choice and attitude and behaviour and we all are doing what we can to protect mum and ensure my sister does not destroy mum’s last years of living.   I am not good with bullies who want THINGS more than the people.
  3. Tess is 7 months pregnant with her second little girl, is still working full time as a paralegal and is partway through her law degree and working towards completing that.  tess and Erik are the parents of MsLizzie ( aged 2 and a half and bright as a button – knows her colours, uses her words, i independent and stubborn…mmm wonder where the poor child gets all that from?)
  4. Pandy has become “friends” with my ex ( largely I suspect to suit her own designs – somewhere else to drop AJ when it suits her and the rest of us are tired of being used…as well as a an easy source of recreational drugs.)  This makes me very uncomfortable and troubles me as I see this as disloyalty.  But I cannot control her choices, I can control my reactions.   I am therefore very wary where she is concerned. 
  5. Amy has completed Uni at long last and is about to take her her first full time teaching position at the school she was prac teaching for during the last two years of her degree.  They are lucky and fortunate to have her. 
  6. Mike has completed his honours degree and has no idea what he will do next. 
  7. Vinnie’s business is going well and he, Marcie and Little Cleo are doing well also.  I need to start planning a trip to see this grand baby I have not yet met.
  8. Geni is a slender normal 14 year old who has a good group of close friends and could do better academically ( but that will come).  She is balanced and stands up for herself and has no illusions but has begun to dream.
  9. Leonnie has chosen to largely remain in her dad’s care to be “fair” so we both have one but spends considerable time with us. that is okay with me because what matters IS love.
  10. Tony’s business went VERY VERY quiet before Christmas and one of his clients ( who writes 50% of his work) is looking for a buyer so Tony will be considering what next.  Tony has not seen or heard from his son during these holidays ( Nick is 13).  
  11. Me?  I am plodding along, working full-time spending time with my family and investing in staying healthy myself. A simple life.

5 comments on “2008, in retrospect

  1. I love this post.
    So much happened, what a year.

  2. You failed to mention that in August I stunned the world by living another year. Didn’t you get that memo? 😉


  3. Yes, life is change for sure. But it still sucks 😦

  4. It was quite a year, and I am glad that it’s over! 2009 seems so much more promising.

  5. So much has happened this year. I am glad you are all happy, healthy, and happy. Fancy a visit from a couple of friends from the North? We are DONE with Alaskan winters. Done! And I’m here now at http://ladyfury.wordpress.com.
    Hugs, Jenn

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