One day closer to returning to work

We currently have a housefull but at this time everything has settled. Tony and Lizzie(aged 2 and a half) are asleep in our bed, Leonnie (aged 12) is in hers and Geni had two 14 year old friends stay over and they were up giggling and gossiping until past 2am. I suspect I shall not see them until close to lunchtime.

As we had Lizzie and AJ(aged 6) yesterday, I hauled everyone out of the house and to Gordon ( fresh air, a walk) and back and collected some groceries while there which we all helped carry back.  The weather was more like 75 yesterday as opposed to 90 the day before and I find that when the temperature rises and drops so dramatically in such a small time that it makes my struggle to breath that much worse.  Geni goes away with a school friend and her family this evening for several weeks and we have Leonnie until Friday at which time it will be just Tony and until the end of January.

EXCEPT Erik, Tess Ms Lizzie and Amy move house his coming weekend and I have suggested I take both AJ and Lizzie so the younger ones can move and heft.  I have also volunteered Tony for this.  Pandy and Nick will be in Thailand from 9th to 21st January and Amy is having AJ, so I have suggested they have their meals with us.  Amy doesn’t start full time work until school goes back at the end of January and she won;t be able to do any of her casual work ( in a shoe store) if she has AJ…. So we shall see.  

Today I am baking cupcakes ( and icing them), and triple chocolate brownies for Geni to take with her as a thank you to Issy’s mother. So this morning I shall be organising what she packs and takes and making sure a thank you card and her goodies are all packed.   I picked up some treats for her to take yesterday but her friends demolished those last night so another trip to the shops is in order when Lizzie goes, methinks. Another quiet Saturday ( laughs and laughs).


7 comments on “One day closer to returning to work

  1. Hey T bird, fantastic to see you here. Thank you for popping in and by. I miss you, too. Heaps. maggs.

  2. Hi Maggs, *smiles*. This should be a lil diff for me. lol. *hugs* I miss you when I can’t read you. So here I am.

  3. Kelly, a change in schedule is great and refreshing. I just realised I am back at work in two days.. Inevitable, I suppose, for the moment. Sounds peaceful, Bethany, although I love the chaos of a housefull… I do Betty. I treasure every single moment. Not so warm today, Lou, quite moderate but too much humidity!!

  4. the warmer it is there- the COLDER it is here!

  5. I remember the days when the house was full of kids. I miss them. Enjoy it while you can. 🙂

  6. Funny, it was 70 here today, of course we’re in the midst of winter. 😉

    I’ve an empty house at the moment, just me and the cat sitting on the couch. Thank goodness more company is on the way tomorrow. It’s much too quiet here.

    The baking sounds wonderful!

  7. We had a pretty good day – we have been thrown off our usual Friday night schedule but that is ok.

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