Sunday morning and all is well.

Tony and I have been staying up late ( both last night and the night before watching movies that began after midnight and finished in the wee small hours. )  The tv shows scheduled for earlier times hold no interest for us or make us want to turn the tv off.  We do not have cable – ony free to air as we rarely watch it and I always have a book going beside me. As well.  

Last night it was “Patch Adams” which we both really enjoyed all the more because it is a true story.  Tony is now sleeping and as his sinus’ have been misbehaving the last few days, I am letting him sleep as long as he can while it is still cool.    I sense a somewhat hot day brewing, but at this time there is still a whisper of a cool breeze that comes in the side window and tickles me around my face and left arm.   Summer sunlight is gilding the blonde bricks on the building next to us, and I am sitting at the dining room table sipping my morning coffee. 

Geni was collected around 4.30 last night amid many thanks by the other girl’s parents as their daughter (Izzy) has been stuck in their cabin on a lake with a bunch of “oldies” and has been complaining bitterly.  Her two older brothers are there and each have friends who either live there or go each year but Issy needed suitable company.  I am delighted Geni is able to have this “normal”  holiday experience as she never went anywhere nor had anyone over to stay when she lived with her dad.  

Tess came by yesterday morning to collect MsLizzie and took me to the shopping centre where I picked up a few odds and ends and bits and pieces.  Geni had two 14 year old friends stay over.  Both Tony and I were surprised in that they stayed up all right ( until well past 2am) but kept the volume acceptably down. I am thrilled she is learning to occasionally be considerate. These two were collected around the same time as MsLizzie. Tess was taking Geni shopping also to swap the size on a pair of jeans she was bought for Christmas which were far TOO low rise.  So we got to the centre and they headed one way and I went the other; I was collecting sinus meds for Tony, and makings for another triple choc brownie bake and some vanilla for the cupcakes. I also wanted a gift box to package elegantly the fudge, the brownies and I am afraid the cupcakes will need to be in a plastic container or risk the icing.

I miss Geni already.

Leonnie has been obsessed with her book series so it has almost been like NOT having her around.  She disappears into her room and reads for hours.  At times I will call out and ask her if she is alive.  Too.  Then she will come out and join us for a while.  Leonnie’s body is changing and in the midst of that change I have noticed the differences in Geni and Leonnie.  As children, Leonnie was always the thin, slender one and we could never keep her still and Geni we had to motivate to move, but that has reversed and I can see Leonnie very clearly filling out, while Geni takes any and every opportunity to move, run, play and has become quite slender and is keeping it that way.AND not starving herself.    The single most important thing in weight loss and changing our bodies is moving. Today we will take Leonnie to the Mac Centre where they have a skating rink and we will attend one of these sessions.  I may even strap on skates myself ( now that is NOT a pretty sight!!) and this will be fun.  Tony would like to take Leonnie somewhere, out of Sydney and away as we have her this week and do not need to cater to Geni’s social life.  

As for me, tomorrow I return to work. ~~ SIGH~~ I have so been enjoying this time at home. We started taking down the Christmas decorations yesterday and parcelling them up to store away in recycle bags under the bottom shelf in the linen closet. I have an urge to clean through the kitchen after the festivities, because although everything has been cleaned down and left tidy, there has been so much catering going on, I suspects it needs some extra, so sometime today I will get down and dirty and scrub that through. Geni’s door is now open as she is not currently in residence and I wills trip her bed and wash all the linen and air the mattress and properly clean through there also. With two extra girls staying over food disappeared into there all evening and I am sure the cream carpet will thank me for the proper cleaning.

I hear my Wii fit calling, before the rest of them get up, I will turn down the sound and do my yoga, my cardio and my strength training.

8 comments on “Sunday morning and all is well.

  1. Tony actually got worse through the night so Leonnie will be caring for him while I work, but I wlll go in early and leave early…. Yo kow Xanadu, I enjoyed my time off so much I would like MORE!! Maggs

  2. Patch Adams was a wonderful movie. Robin Williams is such a great actor.

    I return to work on Jan. 5, after being off since Dec. 18. Talk about a reality check, huh? I’m ready to go back, tho. HUGS!

  3. I hope Tony is feeling better soon!

  4. BM, it is highly addictive. even MsLizzie ( my 2 year old granddaughter has a Mii and joined me. Tony was stunned when I said I wanted one – gaming is more his thing and not mine, as I am a people person, but when I look at gym membership costs and m desire for strength and fitness this is so affordable and available. I just factor it in, and it FEELS good too. Scott, please read above..LOL. it is worth it and my 6 year old grandson said he had his best satyover EVER ( likely because he and Tony spent hours on the Wii doing da Blob and Wii sports. Greeneyes, it is a delight you can make it by. I miss you, too. Dorrie, I will pop into blogger as well to keep up with you. Thank you for the caretaker role in shepherding all of us into homes.. Maggs.

  5. All my kids got Wii’s for Christmas and love it. I don’t get it at all. Maybe I should give it a try. 🙂


  6. Maggs I’m so glad you’re here and I can comment to you. I am going to have to make all new friends here I’m afraid. I have been doing the old Jane Fonda from the 80’s for my strength training and it works really well for me!! Have a great Sunday..

  7. sorry I don’t get around here much… I’m having computer issues plus all the JS mess *sigh* and it looks like I’ll be staying at blogger and not posting much here, if at all.

    I’m not even THINK about getting a wii!! lol

  8. You know, I am beginning to enjoy that Wii fit…

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