Back at work; a 5.30am wakeup and out into the preheat summer morning, counting bunnies hopping around front gardens and cockatoos flying overhead and dodging spiderwebs spun meticulously between tress smack at eye level on pathways….  It was a glorious morning and a quiet ramp up to the 2009 work year.

I have just telephoned home as Tony and Leonnie are there together, and Tony is still not well.  Lunchtime it is and Leonnie has just arisen and had a shower.  I have already been at work 5 hours and in a meagre 3 hours only will be heading homewards.

3 comments on “Inhale……….exhale

  1. I have added you this morning sweetie!! I will catch up after work. So look for me when you wake. Maggs

  2. I actually wrote about this today at my other journal. Did you get that address?


    Tee and I were just having dinner and talking about how we fuel our bodies and that is the purpose of food. As a child I was taught a lot of bad things about food. I need to write about that!

    Hope your day is beautiful today Maggs 🙂

  3. just stopping by to say hello.

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