As I munch away at my breakfast of a crunchy pear sliced and diced into 4 tablespoons of fat free natural yoghurt with a tablespoon of pepitas ( pumpkin seeds) and sunflower seeds, I think about the commitment to caring for oneself.  As a woman, and a mother ( and now a grandmother) so much of what I purchase, cook and serve is for others.  Tony and Leonnie were home all day yesterday.  granted Tony had ( and was recovering from) a stomach bug of some nasty sort,  but after a full day’s work, the feeding, the grocery shopping and the washing was effectively mine to do and/or organise.   It is so because I SEE it ( and I have long thought that IF I see it, it is mine to do.)

However, there is another healthier way to see things.  I MAY choose to do these things, BUT I can make them a learning opportunity for Leonnie.  After unpacking the groceries and having a hot coffee and then a cooling drink and something to eat ( in this case a cheese sandwich on wholemeal toast)  and as these two will be together for the week and Tess, Erik and Amy are moving house so a few meals delivered wouldn’t go astray ( and my mum would appreciate some too) I baked two quiches in baking dishes, a lasagna and had enough  meat sauce left over for an evening meal with fresh penne.  My pasta sauce hides vegetable stock as I struggle to get Leonnie to eat vegetables and she needs them for balance in her body and nourishment.   Both Tony and Leonnie are alike in that they consider chocolate a food group in itself.    Please note, Tony had a stomach bug and could not face food, HOWEVER he managed several chocolate frogs…..  I shall say no more.  For myself, my choices are far more varied and healthy.  Because I like it and choose it and consider this a way to care for this vehicle my soul resides in ( the body thing!!)

Today breakfast is under way and I will also have a salad for lunch which is salmon based with baby spinach, cucumber and an avocado dressing, and dinner will likely be a fruit smoothie ( fruit pulp- mango,berries with a scoop of whey  protein powder and a handful of ice cubes.) and I doubt not that Tony and Leonnie will eat their way through some of the food I left packed in the fridge.       

My thoughts have been centring on how much difference some physical activity makes to the way one is shaped.  Leonnie used to always be unable to sit down or sit still always moving, but since puberty has struck/landed, she has become a withdrawn bookworm and I have noticed she is changing in shape.  There will be changes but she is not comfortable with them.  Geni on the other hand went from someone who always and ever ate her own and then finishes everyone elses to someone who is careful what she eats and never stops moving, taking every opportunity to do and run and walk …   What a difference one year makes.     Amy, aged 22, over the past year went from over 100kgs to 70kgs and she seems to hover around there although she wants to drop another 5 or 6.   I see how far she has come.  She sees that she can’t seem to get motivated to JUST get out there and walk everywhere for she too found what she DID activity wise was more critical than what she did or did not do.  

Just some New Year observations.   To change ANYTHING there are a few simple steps.

Decide what you want and look at why

When you see it is for you, then determine WHAT you must do and then commit to it 

AND JUST do it.


Have a wonderful day or night everyone!

6 comments on “Thoughts

  1. Small changes are more likely to LAST. Good for you Kate.

  2. I’ve been wanting to give up Pepsi, but I’m not ready yet. Instead, I am limiting myself to having some every three days 🙂

  3. Kelly, being fit and ready and at my optimum and trying to stay that way always helps me rest more easily.

  4. That is one of my focuses this year – get healthier – mostly I mean get over the sugar rush of the holidays. For a month or so chocolate was a food group for me also.

    I also want to increase my weight training a bit

  5. Thanks Scott.

  6. Good message. 🙂


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