A quickie

AJ and MsLizzie are here and having eaten ( chicken, yoghurt) are playing hiding while I write my shopping list ( and quickly wave a hello to everyone I know here.)

We are going for a walk to the supermarket to collect the makings for a Lamb Roast/Baked Dinner so I may have something yummy and nourishing ready when Tess, Erik and Amy have finished with their cleaning and tarting up of the old place today.  I might see my way clear to mini cupcakes and some pavlovas as well.

That is my overcast and humid Saturday.


2 comments on “A quickie

  1. Have a great day at work. maggs

  2. Cupcakes! That sounds like a great day. I’m going to work tomorrow (it’s Friday here) but I enjoy that too. Have a good night Maggie!

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