Lazy Sunday

I THINK Tony and I have a lazy-ish Sunday planned.  Tony has requested he be able to sleep until March,  Aj ( 6 year old Grandson) when given the choice of anywhere in Sydney to go the following day and after much thought asked to come back here – to Nan and Pop’s because it is “…THE best.” , I will continue some work on some small canvases ( and yes Kelly I will post pictures as soon as I have them finished) and otherwise after a coffee or two and my leisurely visit to blogs I love to read, I will start at one end of the house and work through to the other cleaning and tidying.  

Tess, Erik and Amy arrived as expected around 6.30ish and the baked dinner was scheduled to be finished around 7. As the girls has not eaten lunch I pulled out some quiche and they eat inhaled a slice.  These three has spent the entire day at the old house post-tenancy cleaning.  They had a painter, also to make good some walls but we would not employ the cleaner again as first they had no idea what was required and Tess and Amy ended up doing the cleaning themselves.    That said they will be handing the keys in to the real estate agency tomorrow. 

The smell of marinated roast lamb filled the air, and roasting caramelised potato and pumpkin.  The gravy was superb and I had thrown on a bake of cupcakes as well.  At just after seven we all sat down around the table and enjoyed time together and the meal just disappeared as if by magic.  The poor dishwasher ended up doing two loads but it was well worth it with no need for a pregnant Tess to have to worry about food or feeding her family and we all had immense fun.    The Wii got a workout amid much hilarity as well. Mum rang in the middle of it all and felt left out.  If Tony or Tess went to get her, she would just be overtired. So I have prepared a Maggie’s Meals on Wheels parcel which Tony and I wil likely drop out to her some time today.  Plus some cupcakes. 

I am not quite awake.  Yet.  

My eyes feel heavy and I am able to feel in my arms and legs the activity of the past few days.  

Good morning.

8 comments on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Dorrie: Lazy Sunday seems about right as I did nothing except a bit of pottering with Tony and watched 3 dvd’s. Green eyes, itwas lovely and now the week opens before me. Maggs.

  2. I guess it’s Sunday night for you now. Or maybe Monday morning? I hope you had a good day and that your week is filled with lots of everything good..

  3. well, did you have a “lazy” Sunday? I keep waking up MUCH to early 😦

  4. I am with you, Gina. Maggs.

  5. I am a 4-5 hour a night person myself, *grinning* but everyone else in my house needs 8+ hours. (wimps!) :oD

    The lamb sounds delicious. We had Russian fare tonight.

    take care everyone!
    {{hugs}} and love- Gina

  6. Shannon how right you are..a sleep in for me IS 6 hours… and kate Leonnie informed me she needs 10 hours a night…

  7. Six hours?! I need a minimum of eight, maybe nine, lol.

  8. And a good morning to you! AJ is one smart little fellow. 🙂 sleeping til March, huh? Heck, I think you and I would be happy with 6 solid hours of peaceful sleep. And then we’d be off and running again.

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