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Looking into this week

Sunday grew into the laziest of days where even the little things I planned just didn’t seem to happen.

  • I had cupcakes left over from the evening before as breakfast. Tony made some mumbled comment about how THAT looked against my stated health kick.  I suggested everyone needed a breakout once a week and this was mine.  Aside from that I saw them.  They looked delicious ( and are!!) and they were easy. And there. (I am afraid I was just a tad annoyed at his comment and sulked a little.)
  • While putting two cupcakes on my plate and filling my coffee cup I plated some left over roast lamb, gravy and roast vegetables for us to drop by Mum’s later in the day.  On the phone with Mum Saturday evening while in the final throes of dinner preparation  with the house busting at the seams with bodies and noise and young life, Mum expressed a desire for lamb, so I made a point of putting this aside.  When Tony arose at lunchtime I then had my shower ( I didn;t shower earlier so as not to disturb his sleep…) and while I was showering he ate the plate I had set aside for Mum.  Nice one.  That annoyed me – too.

I could continue with my petty list, but suffice it to say the little niggles built and built.  I stayed silent rather than unleash my tongue which I have been told can be a lethal weapon.  I stayed within the confines of my mind.  


In this.

Simply because I have a choice here.  All these little things niggled and chewed at my equanimity but in 5 years I would not even remember them.

Here I chose to let go.  

it is now Monday morning and I know the week is opening before me like a flower full of wonder and beauty, but also activity.  I shall miss Geni and Leonnie, both of whom are away currently.  Leonnie is with her dad and Geni is down the south coast with some friends, so the house and life is quite quiet.  

Tony is sleeping as we sat up inordinately late to watch the third of 3 dvd’s we collected yesterday.   Slowly , piece by piece, we are reclaiming the place in the aftermath of summer holidays followed by an influx of grandbabies.  He will return these today.  

It is overcast and humid.  I imagine heat building although each day starts thick like this at the moment and the sun burns the cloud away later in the morning.  By that time work has taken a seat.

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