Bushfire Season

With temperatures in the high 30’s or 99 – 102 Fahrenheit, Bushfire season has reared its dragonlike head and now the news is full of reports, and blazes.  One of these is just across the railway tracks from where I am right now.  As I got home yesterday the smoke was thick and lay near the ground and bit the back of my throat.  Firefighters worked through the night and contained the blaze, but it is still not out and surprise surprise, they suspect arson.

I am sorry, I simply do NOT understand what makes a person do that knowing the risk it brings over lives of those who volunteer and fight it and even the potential loss of property, and memory items.  

It is late this year but that does not mean the fiery dragon does not have enough heat of days ahead to dance through appointed lives.

4 comments on “Bushfire Season

  1. They are at it again Fin, although there are pictures of electrical wires arcing and starting some of these fires. Just north ( at Mt Kuringai and at Berowra, they are threatened right now. The Killara fire ( just down the road from me) had some relief from the rain that the recent storm dumped just an hour ago BUT it has been burning for four days and is still not controlled. we dance this dance and have the panic/media reports every half an hour once a year and then hear nothing the balance of the year.

  2. I remember some huge fires near Sydney and all the way over to Katoomba Park some years back. I had a penpal that had to evacuate their home north of Sydney with very little warning. They posted some very dramatic photos of things there at the time. Arson is a truly despicable crime to be sure.

  3. I’ve heard of cases where off-duty firefighters have themselves set fires so they can put them out and be “hero’s”. You stay safe.:)


  4. Thanks for stopping by my little spot, Maggs.
    I never read your blog before, but really like it.
    I’ll get you linked up.
    About this fire!
    *You* please be safe! I imagine you will have to evacuate.
    We have had those awful fires here in Florida, year before last, being the worst ones.
    The smoke came in our doors through the cracks, and in the vents system.
    It was hard to breath and alot of us were coughing.
    Please be safe,
    Prayers for you!

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