Although it is cheaper for people to buy houses because of the increased first home buyer grant from the government, the catch is that THEY must live in them for at least a year  – add to that that places are being sold at fire sale prices due to non payment of mortgages.  This does NOT mean that rental prices will go down.  I have never seen rental price go down.  They may stay at the same level for a while, but never have they stayed the same.  

There are still some fires burning and although there was some relief from last night’s rain, there are still areas of real threat.  Surprise, surprise, a volunteer firey was charged with arson for the Kuringgai blaze!!

The stockmarket lost 41 million yesterday and regained it today plus $18million.  

Personally I am still not well, but relaxing and resting after a busy week.


6 comments on “Headlines

  1. A three bedroom house is around 560 a WEEK, and an apartment around the same. PLUS hundreds turn up as so many are looking to rent. Maggs

  2. A few years ago outside of Boston it was 1200-1500 for a 2 bedroom, one bathroom place. What is it now? Even more expensive, ouch!

    Where I am now you can get 3 bedrooms for under a grand, however to be more comfortable if you have a family (and I do, part-time anyways) you need to spend more on extra square footage so likely about 1100 a month for a 3-4 bedroom townhouse/condo.

    We get a good deal renting from his grandparents – it is almost 1/4 the prices mentioned above.

  3. Nothing is controlled here but things are “managed”. The government gives FIRST home buyers only a grant of 10,000 plus a rebate on all fees and charges to “encourage ” their entry into the market. Because of the increase of first home buyers and although interest on borrowing to buy is currently low, investors have not returned to the housing market so there is not increased supply, yet people who have lost homes are looking to buy – so there are increased people seeking to rent. Rents are more expensive in Sydney than anywhere else. There is one country town trying to attract people to live there who are offering three bedroom homes for $1 a week. People on welfare would jump at these. This morning I am feeling a little better. Oops , stayed in bed until midday – say this afternoon I am feeling better!!

  4. Rent is out of control here. $900/month for a 2 bedroom apt, $1300 for a 3 bedroom house.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon! *hugs*

  5. A government grant to buy a home? How does it work? When the government gives away money it is not surprising that defaults increase.
    Aren’t rental prices related to supply and demand or are they controlled?

  6. wow. that is a lot going on…
    that sucks about the fires.

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