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In the summer heat the weekend was a list of actions and activities which almost make me relieved to be back at work, because there is a modicum of rest.    Saturday saw us languish self indulgently until lunchtime emerged from the morning.  There was no impetus to launch ourselves into the day, and it was reading a bit of this and that, much warmth and cuddling and quiet ( as both of us has turned off our mobile phones and unplugged the house phone just to avoid the ” …but I waited until I thought you might be up….” telephone calls of no great import. 

As the day ebbed we drove north to rummage through our storage shed picking out things Tess and Erik may use in their new place and as we no longer have a garden, hauling out our gardening bibs and bobs because Sunday would see us at Tess and Erik’s place to help plough through the garden with them to make it safer for MsLizzie and Tess and to help go through yet another few boxes of bits and pieces inside.    Tess is only 6 weeks from having the next little one and she needs the place sorted and in order before then. 

That more or less sums up what we did – but factor in a  delicious and enjoyable meal at Indian Experience and a 3 hour trip through Ikea  for book shelves and you have our weekend in a nutshell.  We also popped in and saw Mum  taking 5 bbooks for her to read and a treat of a small apple pie with fresh whipped cream.  

Plans were also made for Tony and Darren to go diving once a month and we four would meet up for a meal afterwards.  I agreed on the understand they drop me somewhere to have a manicure or go shopping as with my current breathing I can’t get medical clearance to dive.    I think I will survive the self indulgence – just!!!

What I did learn while pottering at Tess’ was that I really miss my garden and they are happy for me to come over and plant a kitchen garden for them now that certain areas have been cleared.  So I have been mentally organising herbs and vegetables in my mind and thinking about what their soil currently needs.   And yes, it will have a border of a variety of chili plants as both my daughter and son-in-law have a taste for spicy food.  Now I wonder where they get that from?

3 comments on “frantic to’ing and fro’ing – Just Life

  1. Lermie, you know how jewels have many facets?? This is a similcrum of the sensible one – there is a whole array of other facets to me, as well.. I suspect I worry a whole lot of people. And Kate you are right, as we age we need to listen more to what our bodies tell us. I just crave HEAT!!! Maggs

  2. After reading this you seem a sane and well balanced person. This worries me!

  3. Em loves spicy, but the rest of us prefer “mild”. I think that for Bill & I, the older we get the more careful we must be.

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