dayz and other disasters

Please know the disasters were not me or mine, but I watched them roll through the aisles at work felling people like bowling pins lined up to be knocked thunderously down.  

  • Start with an impossibly short deadline.
  • Add three people who have a tough time working together for personality reasons
  • A proprietary software package that may have been cutting edge and state of the art 5 year ago, BUT….. and hates having more than one user working ( yesterday we had three and ALL day…)
  • Add in a clumsy and inelegant process
  • A request to have someone covered by the business public liability who is not an employee, and is not paid as a contractor.  LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE.  I asked if they had their OWN – the answer was YES BUT they needed it now for approval as this is needed almost immediately.    mmmmmm.
  • The three computers these three employees were working at suddenly stopped working.  ONLY these three in the office.  Easily solved as one of the three dislodged the connector to the power circuit.  
  • Then the server that hosts the database crashed, the corruption living in said inelegant database.  
  • Kicked the server and restarted everything but the source of the corruption was guess which – yep said inelegant software.  
  • I am still waiting this morning for the restore to see how much work was lost ( I am betting most of yesterday!!)
I did what I could to facilitate and assist.
Please note I have been talking to them about web based options that are easier and less cumbersome and they have not done anything.  
Breaking news – everywhere the streets, the TV stations, the newspapers are full of the Obama Inauguration as well as Teddy Kennedy’s collapse.    A 4 year old drowned yesterday evening at a beach south of Melbourne.  Riotinto Alcan are cutting 1100 jobs. BHP shuts Raventhorpe Nickel Mine ( another 1800 jobs.) The Federal government are considering a credit “rescue package” for the banks.  

10 comments on “dayz and other disasters

  1. then pencil me in for August!! should be fun!

  2. Magg’s not for months and months, probably come accross august time when my apartment is finished and ready to lease.
    Nothing like claiming citybreaks on the old tax!

  3. Now that sure sounds like a plan!! When are you likely to be up this way?

  4. Maggs think you made the right decision, you can buy me a drink the next time I’m in the harbour City. We will all have to have a big meet up like we’re having when i go to Melbourne in a fortnight.

  5. My gut tells me to keep it inhouse so although I danced with the idea, I shall recommend staying with what we have in terms of support ( which I control) PLUS it is highly cost effective. You validated my leanings. As I said the costs quoted made me stop… although I have kept the contact and info. I appreciate the feedback!! Maggs

  6. Maggs, the problem is that is beaucoup trust on your part, and as all us jspacers know to our cost, once it’as gone it’s GONE!!

    Also to be honest i just don’t know how cost effective it is.

  7. I was exploring that option yesterday and fully outsourcing (discussions with BDM of service provider) BUT the costs made me gather the information and just stop for a moment or two. Plus we are a Mac based business/shop, and I want to do a little more research because i do not want issues I can’t troubleshoot should this be a potential issue.

  8. Yep based here in Dullsville.

    As for transfer online, people always fear what they don’t undertsand. had this with my old job and we were going to move fully over to using Citrix and no office based server drives..of course that means problems with printers and PDA’s!!

  9. You the west side Chaz?? I am Sydney based. I feel for you especially watching the mining biggies pull the plug and wash thousands of bodies down the plug hole…. And guess what – I am the IT guy, sort of. I know more than anyone else and we DO have backups. The database is being restored as I type away. The whole shabang could have been organised better and they should have let me moved the datafiles and the image database online months ago but that is their choice. Maybe this event willw ake them up?

  10. Maggs, that happened to me back in the UK a few years ago. Old server, bespoke operating system and no back up for about 5 days…..

    I spent 2 days trying to recover the data before throqing in the towl and for my sins became the comp expert for the office…

    try living out here in sandgroperland it’s all bad news at the mo. Thats what we get for banking on the resources boom lasting forever!

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