“I have a dream”

As it is Martin Luther King day in the States and so many Americans seem to carry and aura of hope today, I wanted to think of my dreams and ask you what are yours.

“I have a dream….”

I dream of a world where separated parents do not play manipulative games using children to wreck vengeance. Where they will put their sons or daughters FIRST instead of their own hurt.

I dream of a world where all children have five people they can trust and contact and know they will be safe and protected.

I dream of a world where food is shared with those who have less or none instead of dumping it and letting it rot to bump up prices.

I dream of a world where donated goods and food does not arrive as aide in Third World countries after being generously donated in wealthier placed only to either be rifled by the wealthy first before being sold on the black market, or if food stuffs is unloaded and given to those who need it before 60% is eaten by rats in places like the Bay of Bengal.

I dream of a world where education is available to all who are born irregardless of race, colour, religion or location and access to learning is lauded and encouraged. 

I dream of a world where sisters, and brothers and cousins ( no matter HOW many generations back) find the courage to be the ones to STOP tit for tat and Old testament justice and payback. 

Where everyone KNOWS they are loved and cherished and they are unique and special.

Is this twee? Possibly.

I have always been a Pollyanna.  Always wanted a better, more loving more generous world, where love acceptance and understanding replace vengeance and judgement.  

What are your dreams

9 comments on ““I have a dream”

  1. Lermie is amusing. And thanks Chaz *pssssttt* I won’t tell a soul – honest!

  2. Oh… okay then… but don’t tell anyone as i have a reputation to maintain!!!

    Lerm, yes if only…

  3. Lermontov cracks me up…. 😉

  4. I’d love a world without telemarketers, where wine bottles never emptied and all women were nymphos

  5. …pretty please_with_sugar_on_top??!!??

  6. Awwww Chaz – go on…share!!!!!!!!!

  7. yes but they’re mine..MINE i tell you!!

  8. I could own those dreams, Chaz!!! Cheers…with you on ALL those!! Maggs

  9. I dream of:

    *A government and civil service that actually takes responsibility for it’s actions, and tells the truth.

    *enforcable laws that actually protect our eco-systems and our very precious native wildlife.

    *The Murray-Darling river system being run for the whole nation not just for selfish interest groups

    *Equal opportunities and health care for all Australians no matter their ethnic group, and an end to politics that are used to protect certain groups from behaving in a humanist manner.

    * A United Nations that actually achieves something and is not just a get rich quick centre for nepotism and narrow minded political gains.

    *Proper protection and education for children from birth to childhood with all that entials.

    *An end to hatred.

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