Heat and temperatures of 40+ Celsius (over 100 Fahrenheit)  largely throughout this week have bred a population with grey bags under their eyes, large enough to pack for a weekend away.  I have been asking Tony to allow me to “hide” them for him.  Makeup CAN work wonders!!  Tony, of course, glares at me. Loudly, in fact!!  *innocent look*

People do not sleep well when the mercury and the high humidity combines the make breathing and functioning at all difficult.  Even the simplest task – like walking down the hallway to the kitchen for a cool drink raises the ick factor.   Skin glows.  As fast as we drink, the liquid seems to find its way to glimmer on our skin. 

All of that said our abode is quite pleasant and well insulated so the worst of it does not weigh us down, here.  

Yesterday we wandered out just past the hottest part of the day to try and find and purchase Leonnie’s school text books for this year.    We drove part way ( air conditioned car) but the train we hopped for the last leg of the journey sweltered.  it was an old rattler and the heat had congealed inside and clung to us as we took even a few moments to cross the harbour.  We successfully found three texts and will need to venture out again today methinks.

The bed base smacked me in the mouth while we were getting ready to go out, so the delicate skin on my lower limb is now torn and nicely swollen.  Add that to the heat and let’s just say I did not look my best.  Tony and I laugh that people will blame him for my fat lip, but in truth it was me getting dressed and misjudging.  In truth I was teasing Tony at the time, and concentrating more on being cheeky than getting ready.  

This weekend is long as Monday is Australia Day.   I am looking forward to this extra day, and this is when Geni comes back after three weeks with her dad.   

Today we will get the rest of those school books, and meet up with Tess, Erik and Amy to get the last of those shelves for them, and get them up.  My brother in law has asked to meet with Tony and I as my sister has not permitted him to see his son ( my nephew David) since July and he wanted to know how we handled the Family Court matters as both Tony and I have fought that battle.  So we will meet with him to explain how we did it.  And Pandy and AJ have asked to pop over this evening.    I suspect we will need Monday to recover.

How is your weekend?

8 comments on “Haze

  1. A puppy? One that you can keep TP? How cute. Westy, the humidity is what eats away at solid sleep and makes everyone listless. Kate what is the windchill factor? I feel for you. I wa sin Calgary one Christmas and it was so cold i couldn;t breathe outside without having my nose covered. Maggs

  2. That’s so hot! It’s -25°C here (feels like -30)

  3. the heat I could stand, it’s the humidity that would kill me. Our summers here are at times humid, though not quite so hot.
    Sounds like a busy weekend… as always in Maggsworld. lol

  4. There is a puppy here!!!

  5. I will happily send on and share any of the warmth any of you want!!!!Silky, and I know Greeneyes…I am a shocker – just can’t help myself…and Lermie I am certain you will find some mischief to disappear into.. have fun. I suspect I shall do a little work preplanning in the quiet ( but don;t tell anyone i am that diligent!!) Maggs

  6. Hot as buggery here too – Brisbane – enjoy the 26th!

  7. You’re such a tease.. lol I do the same thing when I’m dressing sometimes. Especially now with my weight loss going on.. 😉

    Your weekend sounds very full. I hope you get to rest Monday.. Hope all your visits go well too Maggs..

  8. Bottle Some of that warmth for me, will ya? Send it here!!!! *hugs*

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