Guess who

Guess Who

11 comments on “Guess who

  1. Burst one of my daughters was offended when someone ( in all innocence asked how old her “sister” was..LOl ME!!!*+

  2. Frankly, I am glad it is you…I would hate to have meowed at someone’s teenage daughter.

  3. Chaz, Melbourne is worse. I wore an overcoat in melbourne one year on Christmas Eve…go figure! Yesterday lunchtime Tony rang to tell me bad weather was blowing in and it was overcast and I was at Moore Park with crystal clear skies…

  4. Tell me about it one of my most memorable days in sydney started off with crystal clear skies and then by mid afternoon we got hail (funnily enough i was up in east killara that day) then when got home to milsons point in time to have the storm cell come straight in over the harbour and knock out part of the western suburbs power supply.

    Very pretty…when you looking west from an apartment where the powers still on, looking towards the mountians!

  5. The sky is blue but never sure what’s going to happen here..

  6. Aww how sweet! Another cloudy sydney day eh?

  7. Yeppers it is me. Found it on Tony’s phone so it is a bit blurry. The hair is usually everywhere and lots of it, so slicking it back occasionally is a treat!!

  8. I saw it first while in the office and couldn’t comment… of course it’s you!!

  9. I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that it is you?

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