Friday and January is almost gone

Friday morning and the bulk of Sydney commuter traffic has returned from the summer/Christmas holidays and is right now rocketing down the Pacific Highway  heading into the city.  From here with the window open to catch the final evening cool as I sit here and compose myself, ready for the day, I can clearly hear them and the birdsong from the hollow becomes a distant refrain.  

Amy is now a full time working teacher at a school walking distance from her home.  She has even received her very first pay, although the payslip gives very little indication of either number of hours, pay cycle or indeed hourly rate.  I have left her with instructions to call the Head Education office, ask for someone in payroll and ask them to explain how this is done.  Indeed we do not even know what the paycycle is, so to help with budgeting we need these answers.  

Tess, Lizzie and Amy popped in for a while yesterday evening.  The leftover quiche has been inhaled, a packet of tim tams magically disappeared along with a tray of pretzels and it was a pleasant and fun couple of hours.    Lizzie licked all the chocolate coating off one Tim Tam and put it back in the packet.  I had to turn away when I saw it because it is never a good idea to show one is amused by such antics.

But I was.

I am. 


Amy had photos of all 72 kindergarden littlelies and what’s more after one day she can name them all, so I dutifully viewed “her kids” .  There are three teachers but as these littlies have been used to kindie and free play, the first two weeks has been structured less to help them adjust with periods of activity and play interspersed with structured class time.  This number will be divided between 3 teachers and the teachers will develop their curriculum together.  Amy’s nightmares have stopped now she has actually begun.

Little Tess looks set to pop and officially has 4 and a bit weeks to go before we all get to meet Lizzie’s sister.   And not only do I have both Geni and Leonnie this weekend, BUT we will have MsLizzie for a couple of hours too. 

Not only did we have family visits BUT we also had a power failure.  I blame the late news on Channel 10.  The reader was just saying there have been large scale blackouts across…and EVERYTHING died.  TV, lights, EVERYTHING.  Tony popped out to check to see if it was just us and in telephoning Energy Australia was informed it was a known fault which for as yet unknown reason had taken out East Killara, Killara, Gordon etc.  The Telstra blob across the Highway had power though. Go figure.  ETA for power back was sometime around 1am.  

Guess what – 10pm was bedtime!!  We of course sacrifically ate up the icecream in the fridge!!

6 comments on “Friday and January is almost gone

  1. SHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh. Speak softly.. type softly. If it even knows you are thinking like that!!!

  2. It’s weird that considering how screwed up our power grid is, we haven’t had a major outage in ages………

  3. Creme brulee Ice cream…such a sacrifice!! And burst, who sai I DID stay on the earth?? LOL. You will all be relieved to know we have power now, although how long that lasts is anyone’s guess.

  4. “We of course sacrifically ate up the icecream in the fridge!!” true martyrs to the cause!

  5. How do you all stay on the earth when you are upside down so much?

  6. The sacrifices you make!

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