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The last day of summer

It is Saturday and the last official day of summer 2009.  It is a little overcast and humid and heavy but we are still comfortable in shorts and cossies and t shirts and bare feet on polished floor boards.   In the background I have a load of dark washing tumbling and spinning through the […]

Phoenix – Every Day

Our skin (one or two) blisters and tears as we move away into the day   Where do I end and you begin – breathing you in to me holding my breath   my body walks away into morning and  life rending touch. aching   An open wound I work talk and play with words, […]

Chocolate wrappers crinkling

As Grey’s Anatomy is on TV and Tony and Geni are both glued to it – eating chocolate frogs, and drinkin g Pepsi Max ( Tony in a vase – which holds a litre and Geni in a more civilised glass) I have unencumbered access to the net, for once.  Night time?  yes. Geni is […]

Normal work day

Normal?  What passes for normal in my world? 5.30am I get up.  I set two alarms in case one doesn’t work and I am the first one to wander into each day.  It is still dark when I pad, barefoot on the polished wooden floor boards down to the bathroom taking the clothing I lay […]

A date…

I spent two hours at work and then walked the two blocks to meet Pandy and Nick, Tess and Tony at the coffee shop in front of the Family Court.  Pandy’s lawyers is thorough and well prepared and Pandy was going through a 17 page affidavit with numerous attachment.  The lawyer advised us that she […]

6am Court Day

I am dressed and ready and have just my day bag to pack. Waiting in the Lobby to be called at Family Court hearings can be a long wait so I am ensuring my bag is packed and I am ready to occupy the long hours.  I can’t take knitting as the confiscate the needles […]

A whole day

to myself. Now what shall I do? Saturday morning and Tony is already on the road heading north to meet with Nick ( his son who he hardly ever sees) and a 12 hour marathon session playing some game.  Last night as we sat and ate dinner at Tess place with Tess, Amy and Pandy […]