It is Monday in the early am and I am sipping my first coffee while I read a few favourites.  I am showered, I have straightened my hair and just need to swap items between handbags and through on some makeup and I am out of the door.  Geni’s lunch is packed and ready for her, on the counter.  The commuter traffic noise has escalated and the trees are now visible outside my back window ( whereas when I first arose all I could see was inky blackness).

Good morning!!

Friday night was a noisy amalgam of teenage girls, begging for money and favours, arguing over who watched what and whose turn it was on the net.  Geni has a male caller and carries that soft glow of first love, and Leonnie has discovered fan fiction online and immersed herself into it.

Saturday Tony arose early and headed north as his ex contacted him out of the blue and offered him an afternoon with his son and stepson, which of course he jumped at!!  He has so rarely seen Nick and who cares if she was only looking for a supervisor for the boys while she worked?  They went swimming, played putt putt and dropped in and spent some time with Darren and Claire, and we girls were all abed when he came in.  My day was filled with Geni spending the day at Luke’s place, Lizzie coming to stay the afternoon and night and Leonnie and Lizzie and I cleaning.  Tess and Erik has some much needed them time and she is no trouble – truly!!

Sunday saw Tess arrive to collect MsLizzie and all girls heading to the shops – except for Geni who went to the beach with her friends and made close acquaintance with a blue bottle which were floated in on the tide.  

Sounds busy?  I suppose it was but in a peaceful way.


9 comments on “Highlights

  1. it is not that far away from coming back your way!!…. temperatures for the weekend are predicted at well over 100….the kind of weather old ladies pass out at the post office in.

  2. Maggs, when i was down in Cammeray nearly caused a pile up by slicing a golf ball onto the highway!!

    Never played golf again!

  3. Lermie, teens can be very wearing..LOL

  4. heyChaz, I am smack bang on the highway near the water storage tank ( and the croquet fields) but even so everywhere in Sydney is not far from the drink….Pacific Ocean on one hand and Lane Cove River behind… The vindictiveness of some ex’s always astounds me. Maggs

  5. You sound very efficient! – and I like the part about teenage girls begging for money & favours!

  6. Maggs yes way to busy a weekend for me!.

    thats shitty re tony’s ex. i agree not right at all using kids as weapons. Just glad my parents weren’t like that when they divorced.

    Very humid round here today but i can imagine it being worse accross your way. Are you closer to the Highway or the river and the parks?

  7. Kate: as Tony has only seen the boys three times in th last three years, make that a huge 43 – so we are delighted; tickled pink in fact. I am proud of the fact I didn’t get my soapbox out about parents who hold the hearts and souls of small children as hostages in their desire for vengeance… TP: this is hot and humid… need a straw to drink and the beach is a delight…so are the mosquitos which are so huge you could saddle them and ride them… and they come out at twilight…

  8. Sounds fun and BOY do I miss the beach and summertime in general.

  9. How nice that Tony got to spend time with the kids!

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