Yes Bobby,…

I did have fun. 

The loungeroom is littered with a variety of 14 year old ( plus one 13 year old) bodies and largely they were immense fun.  They arrived in dribs and drabs and I just came home and went into a Maggie cooking frenzy.

They played music, did makeovers and consumed/inhaled vast quantities of food.  Chicken pasta, little meatballs…triple chocolate brownies….. They hardly touched the chips chocolate and jelly candy.

The heat built into the bricks meant that bedtime was torture for us all.It literally was just TOO hot and today will be worse, so they say.    And today is Newport Beach after breakfast with the next group who arrive in a couple of hours to meet up with this lot.

The kitchen is clean (I clean as I go).  I also prepared far too much food so have sufficient to drop into Tess and Erik’s maybe on Sunday as well.  I overcater.  Our bedroom looks like someone owns it,  Gen’s room looks like a bomb has hit it.  I am cross-legged on her bed base as the mattress is now living  on the loungeroom floor between the two leather lounges.  This is not a bad thing as our gift to Geni is a bedroom that is suited to her age and taste and have all sorts of things purchased and hidden to do this as a surprise prior to tomorrow morning.  I might send her for a walk this evening to get something from the shop and whip around and do it then?  

Tony got somewhat Grumpy at 2am , so I went out and reminded the girls to be considerate.  The dvd was only screen at 25 volume.  (usually the screen is at 7).  Tony is not a nice bunny rabbit if he is tried and wants to sleep.  

He flounces.

He sulks.

But look – it is morning already and he is sleeping.  And they are sleeping. My coffee tastes great.

I am still smiling about one conversation i had with a gaggle of lithe nubile young women discussing which was their favourite teletubby.   this is such a wonderful age where the outline of the woman is very visible but the child peeks out to play somewhat.

One of the girls who has stayed several times wandered in, kissed me on the cheek and said “Hi Mum, I am home!!”.  My heart twisted and I hugged her close.  This child lives with her father and her older brothers and rarely sees her mum.  He diet is shop bought/convenience and I suspect she loves to wander in here.  This child rang Geni at 10 one Sunday morning because Dad was in Victoria on business and dad’s girlfriend was going out so she had nowhere to go until 5 that evening.  I immediately suggested she come over.  Geni and she had been together with another group at a dance the night before and Haley wandered into our lives then.  She knows she is welcome anytime. 

I must learn to better judge what to cook so I don’t overcater too much. I do believe the night was what Geni wanted.  I am thrilled and delighted for her.  

These moments, this calm before the world opens and noise and life and doing consume me again, keep me sane.  I tend to get a little paniced before I hold a gathering as I fear not having enough. ( As if THAT would ever happen….)  Yet again we have two weeks food ready.  And the quiet that come sfrom exhausted little ones who are no longer so little.

Anyone for bacon and egg wraps?  or egg and mushrooms?  or fruit and yoghurt ? or berry smoothies?  or muffins?? And Wizzi – freshly brewed Illy coffee????  

I wish you were all here at Casa de Coeur.

6 comments on “Yes Bobby,…

  1. In this weather I suspect the food would grow a beard before it gets to you Lermie, otherwise I would be happy to add you to my leftovers distribution list aka Maggie’s Meals on Wheels. My children are largely grown ( except for the last two) but their friends seem to like my place for some unknown reason!! The weather stinks..I am a puddle of what-once-was-Maggie.

  2. Feel free to post an extra food scraps to the Cesspit – it is not easy being a bachelor. Though I dare say it is easier than mothering the fifty odd children that you seem to have!

    I did manage to cook pancakes this morning (pre-mix naturally), but I’d kill for a bacon and egg roll. I hope that the beach is awesome and the heat is a little less oppresive than yesterday

  3. You too abe.

  4. So do I.

  5. You are welcome anytime Dorrie!!!

  6. hm, I think I’m going to have to soon check prices for flights to Australia…. 😉

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