Bushfire Updates

131 confirmed dead – expecting a confirmed total of upwards of 200

750 homes destroyed

31 fires still not under control

5000 people have lost their homes
a Royal Commission has been ordered

Several fires confirmed as deliberately set.

thousands of hectares of bushland decimated.

On the stock exchange, insurance companies took a dive ( expecting fire payouts).  (fancy that!!)

I cannot understand what motivaters anyone to set a fire in this country.  Tony wants to bulldoze their houses and burn their cars and all they possess.

The cold front has rocketted through and the temperatures are donw on what they have been but the wind is still up.  The fires were made worse by the gale force winds.  And the heat and the tinder dryness.


4 comments on “Bushfire Updates

  1. Could it happen where I am? Well yes. There is a bush reserve at he bottom of the gully I aam built onto the sides of… and just before Christmas there was a fire ( ALSO deliberately lit) at East Killara – just across the highway and the railway tracks. So there but for the grace go I. It could be any of us. It is part of the harsh ecosystem and beauty of this country. And while the south burns the top end is flooded. We have had heat of over 40 Celsius ( well past 100F) day and night for several weeks. The bush, the ground and we mere living beings are parched≥ This too is partof the aussie experience.

  2. the same problem is every year in California… fires set intentionally or via pure carelessness. And IF caught, they often show no remorse…..

  3. The death toll is shocking.

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