Board Meeting at 8am

Someone walked up to me yesterday with some “light reading” of Board papers just as I was walking out the door.  My boss laughed and suggested the donor “get a life and if he didn’t have one, to go find one!!” .  I laughed my head off. 

Workwise everything is hectic with two major projects I have been working on ; one has stage 1 go live on 26 February ( database project).  When I came here just over a year ago ( for a few days) one of the things I did notice was that we had about 30 non relational filemaker databases and most business information was pulled from a variety of sources and manipulated manually for the look, feel and data required.   I took on the unenviable task of sourcing a specialist, entering a contract and beginning to scope and stage the development of one database without losing history and moving the concepts into the 21st century while I am at it.  This is on top of my regular work.  Needless to say, some is outsourced, I have some extra staff and contract staff and sections 1 – Contacts is about to launch.  

I used the lessons learned with this first project to initiate my second one – namely redesign the website.  Business website is clumsy, archaic, which is single point sensitive and has so many drilldowns to get anywhere most people give up and go elsewhere.  The standard project documents I developed across the database project and from there selection of contractor was squashed down to something acceptable, and the whole project timeframe is more acceptable.

And these are on top of my everyday duties.

BUT this is just work.  I am just thrilled to see some of my initiatives finally taken up by the staff who will benefit.  it has amazed me how resistant to change people are, even when the changes will greatly ease their work and the way they do things. 

Last night we had a Family Zoo event with a cast of what always feels like thousands; Pandy, Nick and AJ  were there.  Pandy’s ex ( Fadi) has issued court documents regarding access to AJ so the family are back at Family Court from 23rd.  Please remember Fadi tried to strangle Pandy and there are existing and current avo’s against him.    The family rallies around.  In his documentation Fadi claims that Pandy is estranged from her family.  I know she can be very self centred but that doesn;t mean we cease to love and support her.  That boy is in for a shock!!

Tess (due to finish work next week and due to have Abigail any time after that) Erik and MsLizzie all were there, as well as my mum, Leonnie, Amy, Geni and her current beau Luke ( who surprisingly survived family zoo!!) and Tony and I.  Far too much food was eaten and as usual Everyone argued with me over the bill and I paid.  The celebration was Tony(15th) and Geni’s(8th)birthday.  And the family got Tony an advanced diving course while I am getting him a wetsuit!!  So he is thrilled.  

We drove Luke home and I met his parents for the first time.  They have a lovely house and they are delightful people and Geni and I had THE talk about not getting too serious too fast… You know, THAT talk??!!??

Oops time to leave for work.  Hope to have feast piccies a little later.


7 comments on “Board Meeting at 8am

  1. Gen has JUST turned 14 and largely the two of them go “Out” in a huge mixed group, however watching the two of them yesterday made me aware we need to be proactive in this. I never saw this coming, either, until I looked up and there it was. Maggs

  2. Oh, I am NOT looking forward to Em dating. I’m okay with Jame, but she’s 20! lol

  3. Lermie, I have no idea. I just do one thing after the other until things get donw. I do have staff I direct ( sometimes directing their tasks takes more time than doing things myself!!) and the family thing is a seamless. I am trying to snatch the piccies off phones and cameras as we speak… stay tuned. Chaz, it certainly keep sme out of mischief!!

  4. All sounds like fun!!!

    Yep meeting the family 1st time is always a joy. I remember meeting one girlfriends family for the first time in Brussels and because of various issues ended up having to cook Xmas Eve family dinner!!

  5. How on earth do you find the time to fit this all in! Look fwd to the piccies

  6. I prefer to err on the side of caution with THAT talk… *shakes head** another baby certainly NOT a baby. How sweet these two were holding hands…

  7. *laughing* Know all about That Talk…Fun fun fun! :o)

    I will be keeping Pandy and AJ in my special prayers- as well as all the rest of you. Take care-
    {{hugs}} and love~ Gina

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