Bushfire Update – random facts

Still 181 confirmed dead.

One town has all residents locked OUT as the whole town is a crime scene as the police believe that fire was deliberately lit.

Coles is donating all profit from friday 13th to help the victims.  We are all goingshopping for groceries tomorrow – AND to Coles.

Flood victims in far North Queensland are donating their relief cheques to the fire victims.  Instead of receiving them from their government agency, they are directing them to people who have lost everything.

At my work we have scheduled a jewellery Swap in the Boardroom Monday afternoon.  the conept is as follows: we each take in items of jewellery we no longer use and donate a minimum of $10 and may choose a piece brought by someone else.  We are inviting friends, and family nearby, to partake as well.  All funds will go to the Bushfire appeal.

Over a million native animals have been wiped out. 

The spirit of mate helping mate is alive and well.  Although there are rumours of looters, there is nothing confirmed.  This is a good thing.


5 comments on “Bushfire Update – random facts

  1. The people donating their flood relief cheques was very touching

  2. That is just really horrible. I can’t believe the death toll just keeps rising… How devastating 😦 Glad you all are pulling together.

  3. It encourages me to see so many wanting to help in any and every way they can. it devastates me that some souls may have deliberately lit one or more of these blazes, in these sort of conditions, and it makes me feel guilty for being safe and for getting annoyed about little things which, when taken in the context of this bushfire and the aftermath, are really nothing at all. Maggs

  4. I keep following it on our news and it is so devastating!!

  5. …sigh…sorry.

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