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At Days End…

At Friday’s end, the weather sits at winter levels and I am sitting listening to ythe pouring rain and the weekend commuter traffic heading northwards out of Sydney, wrapped in a quilt.  Tony is still working and geni is at her dad’s ( for tonight at least) so all is quiet and it gives me a few moments to gather my thoughts.  For me moments like this are few and far between so this is a true treat. ( Tony loses track of time when he is working so I never know when he might make it home. )

My coffee is warm and sitting within arms reach, I have music playing in the background AND the music is of my choice and I am snuggled and warm.  I am content.

The bush fire episodes of this last week has reminded me yert again of the importance of each moment.  Due to business workload and stetching tobeyond any normal person’s limit, with Geni’s birthday celebrations and the family zoo experience mid week, I admit to being somewhat tired, so curling up in the corner of the lounge like this is heaven.  I shall even pop by and visit some of my favourite people and see how life is with each of them online.

I tried all morning to put some of the pictures on the blog.  I have  them uploaded, but do you think I could get them posted??  I will persist – it has to be something simple because I have done it before!!

Not much is planned for this weekend.  It is Tony’s birthday on Sunday so I shalls ee what we might do, then.


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