Birthday pics

There is a small piece of me in one of those shots…  LOL.  A good time was had by all.

Just watching the aussie/kiwi cricket – the final one day’er.  Tony piped up :’I wonder how much the Kiwis have been paid to throw this last one?”  I suggested the following is more likely – What do you think of this f theory:  the aussies have all backed themselves so played woefully the first two games and have pulled their fingers out for the last three…..  ?? I mean why see the money go to anyone else?


7 comments on “Birthday pics

  1. Great party pix. I wish you still posted in blogspot. I mailed your “Six People” package this morning, so drop me an E Mail when you get it. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that. I’m curious as to what the turn around time is from me to you, via mail. I was going to UPS the box, but the cheapest price would’ve been $88. The mail only cost about $23 or $24. That’s a little better. LOL. Just a warning for when you send mine. ACK! I accidentally deleted your E Mail address from my list. Can you send it to me again, to fantabulousdi@yahoo.com Thanks! I promise not to delete it this time. He, he. HUGS!

  2. You have brought a smile to my jaded mind – lovely to see the photos of the old and the young together.

    Have a wonderful Day – Valentines or otherwise

  3. Thanks Greeneyes, you too. The reason there are so few pictures of me is usually I am the one taking all the pictures. I was lazy this time and picked up commercial cakes after work. Usually i bake my own. Maggs

  4. HaHaHa! Laughing out loud at you. That’s funny about the picture. That’s happened to me before too..

    The sweets look yummy to this dieter. Nothing makes more memories than those lovely birthday parties. I’ve planned and attended many. Hope you have a great Valentines Day..

  5. Burst, they are my grandson’s latest favourite thing and was rolling those little circles and laying the cards out everywhere ( AJ is 6. ) Seems like this is a worldwide latest and greatest!! I remember when Nick ( Tony’s son now aged 13) was heavily into Yu gi Oh cards too. *s*.

  6. your Australian shindigs look a lot like our Texan ones, right down to the Bakugan cards.

  7. Ha what a cynic… notice the last got rained off

    nice pics

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