What do you say to yourself?

 We all have what I like to call inner chatter — that voice in your head that says “I can’t do this” or “Yes, I can do this!”

What does the voice inside your head say about you, to you? Are the messages positive and encouraging, or just the opposite? Make a conscious effort today to take note of your inner chatter so that you can decide whether it’s helping you succeed — or holding you back. If your inner self-talk is negative, it’s easy enough to fix; it just takes some practice! Next time you’re heading to the gym or deciding whether or not to go for a jog, take note of any negative messages you send yourself and replace them with a positive spin! Here are some ways you can change negative thinking: Instead of thinking “This won’t work,” think “I can make this work!” Instead of “It’s a waste of time,” think “It will be worth the extra effort!” Instead of “It’s not going to make a difference,” think “I’ll never know unless I try!” Instead of “It hasn’t worked before,” think “I’ll try again!” Instead of “I’ve already tried that,” think “I can learn from my mistakes!” Instead of “I don’t like that exercise” or “It sounds too difficult,” think “I’m excited to try some new things!” Instead of “That was painful! Never again,” think “Wow, I just got through some hard work, and next time it will be easier!” You can learn to be positive about getting fit — just practice having a more optimistic mind-set. Be your own cheerleader and boost your own confidence.

I just used getting fit as an example as it is an easily identified area of self talk, but it can exist each time you make a decision, and can say things which undermine your confidence and leech the joy from anything.  

it just takes practice to change.   But are you now aware of that voice you have inside?


12 comments on “What do you say to yourself?

  1. Chaz, I suddenly had this image of you as Buddha…

  2. Maggs’ being in commercial real estate but having to ‘share’ with a group of residential agents is enough to vex even the Buddha himself!

  3. Awww Chaz, that sounds stressful. I work with a bunch of precious types who think business rules don;t apply to them because somehow they are creatives..*rolls eyes** Lermie, I imagine your inner voice to be somewhat rye. Dr Y, in truth tha6t figures. *s*. Thanks Xanadu – shall do. Goodie. I can hardly wait. Maggs.

  4. I’ve been trying to do that more lately, and it does help, although I still have my “Woe is me” moments. lol. Replacing the negative with positive takes time, but it can work. Good post.

    (I sent your “Six People” package on Saturday. Please let me know when you receive it. I have no idea what the turnaround time for mail is from me to you. Drop me an E Mail at fantabulousdi@yahoo.com OK? Thanks, Sweetie! Hugs.

  5. My inner voice appears to be a shouty fitness instructor. With Tourettes.

  6. I will try this tomorrow. Not the fitness part obviously!

  7. Maggs you try working in my office THEN come back to me!!

  8. Chaz, chaz, chaz – then you really need to reprogram that voice!! I know what you mean, Shannon.. I so know!! I wonder if wowmen are more prone to be so highly critical? Maggs

  9. Trouble is most of the time the voice says…’just pull the trigger’!!

  10. I noticed this last night. Bill was saying how I had stepped outside my comfort zone to try something new (insurance) and he was proud, but I said the exercise had been a failure.
    In all my financial worry, I hadn’t bothered to look at the positives, (of which there are many!)

    Have a nice evening Maggie!

  11. I really am the little engine… I think I can, I think I can.

    You and I both have learned, albeit, sometimes the harder way but we have learned. I think we both are our own worst critics but also our own fantastic cheerleaders. I know we both never want to stop learning and experiencing.

    Maggs, we really are peas in a pod. I am so honored to have found you.

    Many grateful hugs ~S~

  12. Very good blog, and yes the subconscious voice we listen to can control our every thought or moods, so keeping it incheck is so important. Being positive and watching that self talk is critical.

    Thanks for sharing!

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