• An entire field of singular grass blades each tipped with it’s very own dewdrop catching the morning sun and becoming diamonds.
  • the sudden feel of that warm coccoon between the quilt and you on a cool morning and the comfort of the snooze button and multiple pressings. AND still making the train. Well, not the usual train, the NEXT one. 
  • A riot of arguing cockatoos flapping and fluttering overhead alive and all too cheerful in the morning. 

Good morning.  it is a lovely ( albeit humid) Thursday morning in Oz.  The sunshine and painting the office desks bright and light. And noone is here yet, just me.


4 comments on “Moments

  1. Sounds lovely Maggs, I’m always the first one in work here, but no rays of sunshine..as it burns us!!

    I know lorikeets, cocky’s and gallahs are pests but I love having them arrive. Fondest memory of Milsons Point is feeding the lorikeets and having them peer in through the windows

  2. Riot, is the perfect collective noun for cockatoos. I saw some beautiful black ones the other day

  3. hot and muggy here…

  4. and it’s – 5°C here … brrrrrrr

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