A date…

I spent two hours at work and then walked the two blocks to meet Pandy and Nick, Tess and Tony at the coffee shop in front of the Family Court.  Pandy’s lawyers is thorough and well prepared and Pandy was going through a 17 page affidavit with numerous attachment.  The lawyer advised us that she was not sure what had been returned on the supoenas, yet.  As Pandy and Nick were only served with these papers two weeks ago ( after returning from thailand) there was not a lot of time  to prepare a response. 

We moved to the correct level of the Court and waited to have this case mentioned.  Pandy’s lawyer served his ( Faddy’s) lawyer with the response and not long afterwards we saw Faddy himself stalk past scowling and mouthing obscenities.  His affidavit contained none of the history we demonstrated with Pandy’s carefully crafted response.  Nor did it contain mention or copies of the avo’s ( violence orders – advising him to stay away.) 

It became apparent that his lawyer would need time to prepare a response to this, as it was obviously the first time she was made aware of these orders.  This is the law firm who represent him in his criminal matters.  Clearly they have no family court experience and submitted the wrong form to the court and had their knuckles wrapped for not following Court protocol.  

Our lawyer was succinct, to the point and generous.  The Magistrate suggested NO access as one possibility considering the demonstrated and documented violence of the father.  His side sought leave to prepare a response, and was ordered to go through intake procedures for a court supervised contact centre. 

And the matter was adjourned until 1 April; same court, same Magistrate.  

Game on.

I suggested Pandy and Nick call the local police and advise them of the latest developments, just in case Faddy gets his ego in a knot and decides to teach them a lesson.  I suspect, however that is more likely to happen when he realises he can’t have what he wants.  His pattern has been he has contact for some short time and then just doesn’t.  In which case this will never go to final orders that he is requesting.


4 comments on “A date…

  1. I can’t help but agree, Burst. he is not much of a man in my book. Maggs

  2. Faddy? What kinda name is that? A male who cannot control his temper is not a man. Nope, he is the best case for Darwinian theory I can think of because there, in all his glory, is an angry gorilla waiting to explode.

  3. He is not the brightest card in the pack. That’s for sure. Maggs

  4. Faddy sounds like a real charmer! And it seems as if he has astutely chosen his lawyer!

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