Normal work day

Normal?  What passes for normal in my world?

5.30am I get up.  I set two alarms in case one doesn’t work and I am the first one to wander into each day.  It is still dark when I pad, barefoot on the polished wooden floor boards down to the bathroom taking the clothing I lay out the previous night.

At the end of the hall the kitchen lies waiting.  I flick on the light switch.   I turn on the jug ( must have at least one coffee) and shower and dress while the jug is boiling. I make and pack Geni’s lunch.  I always check the night before as to what she wants so that what I give her is eaten.  I also always pack something to share.  I make my first large coffee for the day and then walk back down the hallway and across the loungeroom to the dining room to catch up on the net for a few minutes while I drink my coffee.  

Before heading out the door at 6am, I wake Geni and kiss her good morning making sure she has everything she needs, and then I slip in and hug and kiss Tony good morning.  He usually murmurs and disappears back to sleep. I head out and southward for an hour’s walk and then I hop a train or the last part of the journey and I am at work from 7.30.  I get scads done before 9.30 when the majority of others have dribbled in and then I run through everything I need to to reach my personal targets.  

Level 1 on the relational database is almost ready to deploy meaning that I shall be frantically cleansing data this week, a fair move is underway on the website project.  Meetings come and go, and then there are all the other random things.  Away it goes.  Before I know it, I look up and it is home time.  Except for Wednesdays when I wait for Geni and then head to Mum’s.

Dinner is then important, and I always prepare my bag and clothing for tomorrow and then settle.  Geni and I have a current bet running as to when Tony will arrive home and his arrival time doesn’t always make sense.   We have both eaten dinner and are settled into company.   Geni is watching her favourite shows and I have a load of washing on and my clothes already laid out for tomorrow.  I have also nagged Geni to complete her homework, and done two loads of washing which I have hung. 

How does a regular day run for you?

6 comments on “Normal work day

  1. Bird thirty..LOL I love it. This sounds so much like you, Gina. Maggs

  2. It depends on the day. It is usually busy- up at bird-thirty (4:30am), coffee, shower, email, wake Matthew up at 6am, make breakfast, do up the breakfast dishes, and get ready for work. Leave for work at 9, come home for lunch at noon, leave again by 1, come home by 5- change, fix dinner, talk/listen to Matthew, love on the animals, walk the dogs, eat dinner, collapse onto the couch for the evening. Bed at 9-10pm. That is my schedule 3 days a week.

    The other days, it is day care for my neighbor’s little girls, running Matt to wherever he needs to go, walking dogs, cooking and baking for the week, etc.

    Busy busy busy, but I like it. *smiling*

    {{hugs}} and love to you- Gina

  3. Well written and interesting read.

  4. Forest, I don;t think about what I do, I just hop on life’s treadmill and max it out! *s*. Burst, I can soooooooo relate! Maggs

  5. “How does a regular day run for you?”

    FAST, very fast. It starts at 5A and ends up at 9P and I don’t know what happens in between.

  6. Normal day, up at 6am (well maybe 6:30 after hitting snooze), let the dog out, make coffee, out the door at 7:30 get the emails and stuff done by 8 and then work til 4:30 back home, feed the dogs, do some laundry, do a little cleaning, watch some TV or do my Turbo (depending on the night) then head to bed around 10pm.

    Reading about your day makes me tired!

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