The last day of summer

It is Saturday and the last official day of summer 2009.  It is a little overcast and humid and heavy but we are still comfortable in shorts and cossies and t shirts and bare feet on polished floor boards.  

In the background I have a load of dark washing tumbling and spinning through the last minutes of a spin cycle with whites ready to soak in bleach and then wash.  Leonnie is watching a dvd on a Macbook in her room and Geni is catching a last few minutes of sleep before her friends begin arriving.  Tony has already left for the Coast to go scuba diving with his friends.    We girls, and all of Geni’s friends are heading to the beach for the day.   As one does.  

I brought work home with me this weekend and will work my way through that this evening and spend some time on it tomorrow.    

Tess is still pregnant  although each day brings us all closer to meeting Abigail.  I have a book to read, people to love and care for, I can breathe… it is a good day.


11 comments on “The last day of summer

  1. At least it has cooled down a little. This is one of my favourite times of the year. But the evenings are better than the mornings, which are getting a little dark until daylight savings ends.

  2. Hope you are sleeping well. Love you my friend *hugs*

  3. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am so ready for some spring weather and sunshine- this winter has been far too dreary for my liking. It has taught me not to take sunshine for granted.

    Love you *hugs*

  4. Enjoy one another’s company at the beach! I can hardly wait for spring to arrive! I check every day to see if my bulbs have started their journey upward from winter’s deep sleep…*grinning* And this year Easter/spring will be especially wonderful! My darlings will finally be home! :o)

    I just finished a wonderful book by Nina Kiriki Hoffman- The Red Heart of Memories. She writes fantasy that reads like poetry. My books are like good friends. *smiling*

    I have been keeping all of you in my heart, thoughts and prayers- especially Pandy, AJ and Tess.

    {{hugs}} and love- Gina

  5. Dorrie: you are so right!! Our winters are like an English summer and although summer is over it is still hot and steamy ( and will be for some time!!) Have a good weekend too. You too Greeneyes. maggs

  6. I have less on my plate then you, yet I don’t find time to read…. am I doing something wrong? lol I DO have books, lots of them, that are just crying out to be read…. *sigh*

    I assume your winters are much warmer then ours and that you may actually be glad summer is over?

    Have a good weekend, Maggs!

  7. End of summer? So strange when it’s just coming here. It sounds like a great way to spend the last day of summer. I need to get down to the beach myself. Hope you are having a fantabulous day 🙂 Love and Hugs to you.

  8. How’s Goondi, Lermie? You, too, with Autumn.

  9. I was actually just thinking the same thing (well not the still pregnant part)! It is a beautiful day up here – have a great autumn!

  10. Don’t you hate it when that happens, Shannon? I am drinking it all in and making the most of every moment simply because I know I need to send summer back to you guys really soon. maggs

  11. Man, it ate my comment!

    Your summer ending means my Spring shall be here soon! Enjoy the beach, soak up all the warmth, and relish the girl’s silliness.

    Abigail, hurry up and get here. We can’t wait to meet you!

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