So little

I have so little to say; no bubble.

I am okay.


7 comments on “So little

  1. I am counting my blessings and each of you have a treasured place under blessing. And I am grieving sore, surrounded by the ghosts of shared years ; they creep up on me and break me when I believe I am managing. T – you are wrong, you know. The fact you are spread across the world doesn;t hinder the love you give and the “thereness” acceptance and understanding I so terribly need right now. I thank each and every one of you. Were I to suddenly take up drinking I expect I would need an entire bottle and still it would defy oblivion, so you could drink for me Lermie. I am having issues with food and with drinking. My health is splintering with my heart. Maggs

  2. “I have so little to say”

    This seems to be going against everything that I’ve read at your blog over the last couple of months!

    Anyway – hope that your day picks up – or you do!

    I’ll have an extra drink for you tonight


  3. You are not ok….i FEEL it. I cant sign in and read you without crying…that can not be good.

    I laid on my bed this evening and thoughts of you raced through my mind…how over this past few years we have all been through so much together. You have been one of the “backbone” of us….does that make sense? Now you need us….and the fact that we are all spread across the world do not help you.

    I want you to be happy…I dont know how long that will take for you but i am here for the ride….*hugs*

  4. I am okay, Chaz.

  5. Maggs just checkin’ in to see how you are.

  6. Shannon, I KNOW you know exactly what I am doing ( like so many do with the current financial environment) I am talking it up so I can keep taking those steps forward until I can truly begin to believe I am. But thanks . You see these splinters because I am NOT wearing any mask.

  7. Maggs, you can’t bs a bs’er… You’ll have okay moments and snippets of okay. And you’ll have to hold on to those moments… And of course, with Geni there you’ll have to put the strong mask on…

    Tis okay to pour it all out here. We are here and we will listen… and cry and get angry and feel with you. Here there are no masks required…

    With Love,

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