So far

I have made it, thus far.

8 comments on “So far

  1. I had several stiff scotches for you Maggs. I hope today is a great day

  2. Just like running Maggs, one more mile

  3. I made it through another night.

  4. no one can ask for more than “thus far”.

  5. Ahhh, i hear your strenght in this…it makes me smile. Life evoles and changes and you are doing it with the grace I know you have. I love you, M. *hugs* T

  6. I firmly intend to keep moving forward and not get buried in my living ghosts. I haven’t dropped the ball; I was even productive at work. I have found an empty hole, here. Curled I am into it. Breathing I can manage. I WILL survive this. I just have to get past this.

  7. One step at a time!

  8. And you will continue to do so.

    Pour yourself a drink and put Channel 9 on…The Wedding Singer is on.

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