First weekend.

I walked for an hour, or so that stretched to two.

I had the first civil conversation in a week with Tony.

I cried myself until I slept exhausted.


8 comments on “First weekend.

  1. I love you…*hugs*

  2. C’mon Maggs – no one ever actually died of desertion – it just feels that way.

  3. Maybe you could take up bowing or shooting?

  4. Every day there is something new, Maggs…I am thinking about you.

  5. Ah, civil… tis difficult when emotions are still so high. I hope everything that was said was heard.

    Crying is very cleansing for the soul, that’s how it’s always been for me. When I can’t cry or the tears just won’t come, then I know something is very wrong; usually when I shut-down, close off.

    Still walking beside you ~S~

  6. Dorrie, can spell, certainly can’t type. Yes Abe, one Saturday at a time.

  7. One weekend at a time.

  8. “Fist” weekend? Freudian slip? 😉

    I’m glad you talked….

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