Abigail on her way

Into life my latest grandchild lurches, inch by inch, contraction by contraction.  As Abi showed no signs of joining us herself, and because of Tess’ heart problems, mummy was admitted to the maternity ward late last night and a gel pessary used. Which did not work.

At 5.30am this morning they broke her waters and contractions came every 5 minutes and then stopped.

Finally they gave her the drugs to help her contract , and an epidural and she is halfway dilated.  We are now not far from meeting Abigail.

Today I have walked in the rain for a couple of hours.  The water was not driving, rather it was an occasional drop or mist like and refreshing.  I saw orb spinner spiders beautifully marked in the middle of huge fishing net sized nets strung high in the branches of trees like drapes.  

I came home with the making for pasta sauce and this is cooking while I wait.

Have I told you I am not good at waiting?

Light and dark, life is a journey.  I embrace both and will not stint on experiencing every emotion.


7 comments on “Abigail on her way

  1. Good luck, although it’s probably happened by now.

  2. Today is a great day!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! *hugs* I can’t wait to see her pic!!!! I think i shall take a photo today and call it after her…*hugs* I love you!!!!

  3. News is that any second we will have Abigail!!! Any second. Mikey, if propagation of humans depended on men birthing them I suspect we would have died out a long LONG time ago. Maggs.

  4. That whole birthing experience sounds like a bit of a hassle – you can see why the guys head to the golf course!

    Look fwd to the news that she is finally hatched

  5. Still no baby. Still waiting but waiting for something wondrous and new. Maggs

  6. come on Abigail, you’re grandma is waiting to spoil you!!

    good luck to mom and baby… and do keep us posted as soon as you can! {hugs}

  7. The wonder and beauty of new life! Awesome, just awesome, Maggs.

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