Abigail Louise Born yesterday 9.42 pm

Abigail joined us, finally – a most welcome 2955gm addition to our family and is already much MUCH loved.  Her entry was at great length and her cord had to be cut as it was cutting off her breathing and finally, out she popped.  I resisted the temptation to pop down and camp in the delivery suite.  It was toe for her Mummy and Daddy to journey this way themselves.  

I bounced off walls, and walked and waited.

Today I went to work, as usual and after putting out the first few fires took an early and extended lunch and spent a couple of hours growing to know my newest grandbaby.  She is a calm and lovely plump quiet soul.    

Reluctantly I returned to work and waited for Geni, returning when she arived collecting ham and fresh rolls, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush for Tess.  

The room filled with family.  As we gathered in love and welcome I looked around and Tony was not there and in tears I left the room.  He should have been there, partaking of this great joy.  But he was not.  A part of me died.

But in the middle of death is new life – and Abigail.  Mum is in there as well ( as we never expected to still have her now this year.)  And Amy is holding Abigail with Lizzie there as well.


11 comments on “Abigail Louise Born yesterday 9.42 pm

  1. Abigail is so beautiful ! Sweet new life.
    Congrats! 🙂

  2. Michael, she is lovely. And I am in love with that little morsel of my own dna once removed. There is a piece of my own immortality walking around. How astounding. Maggs

  3. Everything in life is a cycle. But enough philosophy…she is a gorgeous little thing.

  4. Thank you all for thee wishes.
    Lermie – it is rare to have all four generations and with mum’s terrible illnesses last year , to even have her is a much valued gift.
    Dorrie: she is wonderful isn;t she and I am striving so hard to stay positive.
    Thanks aliti.
    Shannon – I am so totally biased it is not funny and yes she is glorios!!
    Trace – it was the joy and the camaraderie. I felt terrible he was missing that plus I felt like part of me was missing.
    And I am taking a long lnch and going back there tomorrow too.

  5. Congratulations, she’s adorable!

  6. She looks like her momma!!!!! Congrats Maggie *hugs you so tight your head almost pops off!!!* Abigail is a lucky lil girl, she has one of the best grandma’s I know.

    I also thought about what you would be feeling w/o Tony. Look at it as a freash beginning to your life. She gives you much more to focus on. I shall post my photo called Abigail later this evening. I hope you like it. Print it for her, will you. Let her know as she grows that she was celebrated around the world. We are all so grateful she is healthy and safe.

    I am glad your mum is around to…*hugs* I love you

  7. Oh, Maggs, she is beautiful! Hello, Abigail!

  8. awwwwwww another precious new baby in our world!

    Concentrate on YOU and those you really care about, who really need you, and who care about you…. {hugs}

  9. And it is pretty cool that four generations of you were there. That wouldn’t happen too often, I shouldn’t think. Congratulations

  10. Gorgeous looking kid. The father deserves a medal for hanging out in the birthing suite!

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