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My mum and her great granddaughter Abigail ( 6 weeks old)


Ups and downs

Sunday here and late afternoon.  Genevieve came home this morning with an escalating temperature which saw me texting the soccer coach and another mum , all the player id numbers for the Match Card and sending my excuses for my and Geni’s absence and sending Geni straight to bed.  I woke her 20 minutes ago […]

The latte factor

NOT that old chestnut about the number of dollars you might save eliminating things like expressos, but a new acronym standing for Local Authentic Traceable Trusted Ethical   Do you have the Latte factor??

Only growled three times post midnight

Four 14 year olds in one room..kerthump…giggle, crash…snort giggle….. I wait. More giggles.   Downstairs three 13 year olds are lying in the dark after playing twister and snap also laughing; it seems the more tired and overwrought they get the louder and more manic…. AJ was asleep in Leonnie’s bed and I knew I […]

Friday – where has the week gone??

Where has the week gone?   The girls and I have spent a week, culminating in tonight;  26 x 13 year olds plus Amy and 6 year old AJ for a sleepover!! oh joy!!!  I have taken the mince and the chicken thigh filets and the chicken wings out of the freezer to begin cooking […]


Thoughts collide with feelings like runaway trains.   I fled from him I hid from him Even inside myself Whle still seeming to be there

Update on Tess and Abigail

As the witching hour descends I have JUST received word that Tess and Abigail are all well, shaken but not hurt.   I am relieved. And grateful.