Partnership and Committment

I have been putting much thought to partnerships and close personal relationships and committment of late. 

My parents married early after a period of courting and wooing, as was common during the late 40’s and 50’s.   Both were Catholic. Both were virgins when they married. Both married for life, and for better and for worse.  Looking at my checkered relationship history and listening and looking at those close to me and around, it seems far too often people run away when it gets tough rather than hunker down, pay the emotional price, learn the lesson and watch the ties deepen and strengthen.  That which doesn’t break you will make you stronger, of that I am sure. 

The question that rises within me is that I wonder what it is that makes one person want to tough it out, for BETTER or WORSE and in fact through both,  and yet another person say life is too short – I don’t want to put up with this. 

Which are you?

For you, WHY?

14 comments on “Partnership and Committment

  1. Marcella attacks you with a hair straightener??LOL

  2. Maggs thats what real men do maggs thats why aftershave has alcohol in it!! covers the smell of burnt hair!!

  3. I have been married for 28 years. I guess that puts me in the better and for worse category.
    For my situation I believe we stay together for our sons.

  4. You burn your stubble chaz?? eeeek. We can ALL be stubborn. Doesn;t get us what we really want though.

  5. I do a good stubburn!

  6. I married at 20, and it was what you did back then…. just to be alone, together (also both Catholics). I tried for 22 years to make things work, but then left to save my sanity… and I don’t regret leaving!

    I would like to have a relationship lasting forever, but it’s not always meant to be…..

  7. I deserted a marriage early on, but I don’t believe we were in love. I WAS in love with Dale, with my whole heart, even though alcohol actually stole him from me a few years before he died. I tried leaving, several times, but then I always felt bad for leaving the only man I have ever loved, and I always hoped he would come back but he never did.

    I don’t have many regrets, other than subjecting Jamie to his emotional abuse.

    If Bill became abusive, or started using, I would try to leave the relationship, even though I have grown to love him much more than I ever loved Dale.

  8. Abe, you know and I know that the for better and for worse can be hard. Michael, LOL. Stubborn are you??? LOL – sure.

  9. It is stubbornness…Love is a fickle thing, it is stubbornness that carries you through the ummmm…ficklality…..

  10. I married at 24 and became a Dad at 26. Probably too young on both counts. I’d like to think 13 years of marriage makes me a ‘for better or worse’ person. I try, but sometimes it’s been hard.

  11. I understand what you both mean. I know Mike, that when the right person comes along, there will be noone more faithful, but it has to be the RIGHT person. Good for you Chaz!! I hear you. maggs

  12. Look I married late, I had my fun and finally found someone who’d be a challenge for the rest of my life.

    We’ve had our ups and downs and also managed to emigrate here, so I’d say we’re both in for better or worse.

    however my parents divorced when i was 8, almost no member of my parents generation within our family have not been divorced. However on Marcelas side only a couple of her parents gen have divorced plus some cousins (and there’s alot of them, good bloody catholics!). but then divorce in Argentina is quite hard

  13. If I were to marry – it would be for the long haul – until I find that person though, I’ll split as soon as I’m not happy

  14. I think it only right I be the first to comment. For me, it is better or worse and for life. To me, that embodies love and commitment and it is what I offer.

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