Moving Blues

It seems everyone else is singing that there those blues – but not me!!!

I like moving. I thrive on change – it enlivens.  A new palette to drape my life/lives across and make a home.

t took me a long time to express myself in the space I lived within, but as I change and grow the places around me also change.  In this case the roof and walls are.  In others, my decorating style and colours change.  I favour an elegant neutral palette and then spark interest with colourful paintings, unusual objects ( small sculptures, carvingsetc) and seasonal throws and cushions.  I favour jewel colours and deep reds with blacks thrown in as well.

did I mention bags and boxes of teddy bears of all shapes sizes and substances ranging from earrings to mansized fluffies??   And NO they are not the kids – they are mine!!!

I am taking a breather before everyone else wakes and the day and hefting packing unpacking and moving takes me over. 

I do not have the blues, I am excited!!!!!


4 comments on “Moving Blues

  1. I like the moving into a new place i just don’t like the practicalities of the move!

  2. The joys an delights of moving

  3. Good for you for your great attitude!

  4. Hope it’s going well.

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