Only growled three times post midnight

Four 14 year olds in one room..kerthump…giggle, crash…snort giggle…..

I wait. More giggles.


Downstairs three 13 year olds are lying in the dark after playing twister and snap also laughing; it seems the more tired and overwrought they get the louder and more manic….

AJ was asleep in Leonnie’s bed and I knew I would be up again at 7am with him and cleaning the post evening debris and preparing the breakfast  buffet table.  


I inhaled. I got out of bed and wrapped myself in a throw rug and opened the door.

RIGHT!!!  IF I get up one more time and ask you to be quiet, you will NEVER stay again.  This will be the lAST sleepover EVER!!!


( I do AngryMum really well!!)


Downstairs quietened. And slept.

Geni whispered to her friends that I really mean it! And by 2ish peace reigned.

7 comments on “Only growled three times post midnight

  1. You want a sleepover too, Burst?? LOL. Or do you want the triple choc brownies?

  2. Burst I am NOT that scary!!! Often…;) Dorrie, there are times it is required to be, well, the adult. Bethany, I too have officiated at camps and ran kitchens for upto 200 and did the trawl keeping the boys in the boys dorms and the girls..LOL even sitting in a sleeping bag with a torch in a nice dark spot on an appropriate verandah. Midnight and half past was fine, but 2am was stretching it. My thoughts are always about consideration and awareness of others… That doesn;t come with these units but must be taught!!!

  3. aw, you spoil sport! *wink*

  4. I think I would have had a good angry mom voice.

    Imagine a similar situation except 60 girls age 11-13 in one BIG room, four in the morning, and me putting the brakes on the hilarity.

    Oh, the good ol’ days, pre-librarianing.

    It sounds like everyone had a good time.

  5. geez…I suddenly got quiet.

  6. Hehehehe, yeah that angry mum comes out big time when it’s past midnight!

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