Ups and downs

Sunday here and late afternoon.  Genevieve came home this morning with an escalating temperature which saw me texting the soccer coach and another mum , all the player id numbers for the Match Card and sending my excuses for my and Geni’s absence and sending Geni straight to bed.  I woke her 20 minutes ago and her temperature is climbing and she has the aches so it looks like the flu has taken up residence.  Two paracetemol and a sip of lemonade and she is settled enshrouded in her quilt and supported by two pillows on the lounge and back into slumber.  

After Leonnie’s sleepover and her own stayover with 3 friends, Geni spent yesterday at Luna Park with her boyfriend and his family and followed this with a sleepover at Lucy’s new place with three friends.  When she talked with me this morning on her way home I assumed she was just lacking sleep but from the looks of things she was indeed sick.  And is.    She returns to school Wednesday so it is okay she has this now and it gives us a chance to get her fixed up before hand. 

Leonnie returns to school Tuesday and goes back to her dad’s tomorrow evening.  She has worked steadily on assignments throughout the break as well as finding a balance with social events, net time and watching her favourite shows.  The party was indeed a treat and a half for her.  

As for me, I am indulging my Farm Town ((Facebook) addiction and waiting for my crops to ripen and sipping a cool drink wrapped in a throw rug that is soft and comforting , within reach of Geni.


6 comments on “Ups and downs

  1. After that one which hung around for a week just after coming back from brisvegas can only hope that you don’t go down with whatever Geni has.

    You all settled in now?

  2. Time to slow down Dorrie.

  3. yesterday I came home from babysitting and went straight to bed, in spite of a full schedule. My temp went up and up until it got to 38.95°C!! In my case it can’t be the big flu since it hasn’t reach Germany (yet) and I had no contact with anyone from Mexico. Today…. temp back to 36.86° C *phew* I think my body is trying to tell me something……. 😦

  4. Dorrie, we are indeed watching this flu and this morning (Monday) Geni and Leonnie are sleeping as long as they need. I have planted and harvested Farm Town ( yes, I am addicted!!) Burst, Farm Town is a curiously addictive little virtual game. I am not much of a game person but this has me! EVEN me. Maggs

  5. I wondered what all the farm town stuff was about.

  6. Keep an eye on the flu… the news reports are NOT good!

    I have been keeping away from my farm. I have so many offers of plants and animals plus neighbor requests… I can’t afford another addiction! lol

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