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Random Sunday Morning thoughts

I am sipping my way through a cup of coffee I could swim in.  It is thick and fragrant and black and tastes as good as cooffee smells.  The cup is so big and so full my hand shakesif I try and pick it up in one hand.  It is larger than a soup bowl.  […]

Body Image

Having a self absorbed teen in the house can be emotionally exhausting as she stares for many hours in the mirror, and everything becomes about her or appears to be twisted that way.  This slender whisp of feminine possibility imagines spots where there is the tiniest blemish and continually sees herself as “fat”. She wants […]

Desire and letting go

After my morning personal training session and as I wandered the miles into work for a new week, I found myself skirting around the subject of desire and sexuality and what it means or doesn’t mean. For me. There is physical hunger ( often called lust) which races like an infection through every breath one […]

STRESS – 10 top tips

LET IT OUT!  Sit quietly and hum gently,  then focus on feeling it resonate through your body.  Or tune into cheerful music and sing along.   A long noisy sigh, or a deep groan also helps release stress. SWING LOW.  Stand and clasp your hands behind your back, palams facing downwards.  Slowly bring your hands up […]

Stress Basics

In journalspace I did a series on stress and what we can do with it, and about it but it was lost when js was lost – however I have my notes  and this evening I have the time to capture some of these hints and tips and prompts and it is useful as a […]

Happiness is…..

How do we find the tools and techniques for a happy life? How does one find the door into happiness?  Where does one find what we need to find unalloyed bliss?  What does it mean to be happy?  How does one find it?   Do we discover it by looking or do we stop looking and […]

Taking stock

June for me is the perfect month to tie up loose ends on ongoing projects and to take a moment to stop and consider how far you’ve come.  This is one of the times I do my emotional audit.  Where have I come from? What have I accomplished? Where do I want to go from […]