Taking stock

June for me is the perfect month to tie up loose ends on ongoing projects and to take a moment to stop and consider how far you’ve come.  This is one of the times I do my emotional audit.  Where have I come from? What have I accomplished? Where do I want to go from now? Indeed, what do I want?  And all importantly – WHY?

This is when I decide whether you want to try to fix things or leave the deal or relationship altogether.  If I  feel it still holds promise, this is the time to stage talks to see how I can improve things. this is the point when you need to stop and take stock.

June is about resetting priorities and strategy. If I don’t clear the decks and review all the elements in my life now, I won’t be able to begin my new cycle with as much clean energy as I would if I did take the time to delete any elements in my life that are holding me back.  So this is my time to go through the process of reexamination, and it is like washing your white things in hot water, but without tossing my black jeans into the same load. They don’t belong there, of course, and those jeans could otherwise taint my whole wash with a tinge of grey and spoil the clean freshness of that cycle. I simply don’t want to bring anything from my past that I feel is not valuable and no longer contributes to my future. I am sure I have lots of exciting things coming up on the road ahead, and if I don’t make room, I may become completely overwhelmed.

I am going to schedule appointments for health checkups ( some of which I have postponed more than once) and I will even work out dental appointments for the coming year.  A month ago I began attending the gym each work morning and on a Saturday and it has become a routine I am thriving on, physically and emotionally.  My energy levels have improved and for the first time in many years, I fought off my annual bout of chronic lung disease.  My diet also has changed and I am finding I am eating loads more while at the same time the composition of what I am eating has dramatically changed.  I am treating myself with the same level of care I give those I love.  I have chosen to nurture myself.  And live the value I know I deserve.

So, taking care of health matters will be very much in the spirit of my current emphasis as well as on finishing things that have languished and need tending so that I can close one chapter and open a new one. I know I want nothing to hold me back.

In short, I am going to attempt to be a better communicator with those I love and I will begin to plan an overseas journey because I adore travelling.    I am going to commit myself to writing daily and begin to work steadily on those projects that have been growing in my life and heart for so many years.

I want:

  • To be treated as if I am a Queen
  • To be spoiled and indulged – glutted with being wanted, communicated by thought, word and deed until I am certain it is real
  • I want to be wooed
  • I want to be kissed until my knees are weak
  • I want to unleash my sensual self and allow her out to play
  • I want to live totally and intensely each and every minute of the coming days and weeks and months.

4 comments on “Taking stock

  1. Yes. hat summarises succinctly exactly what I want; to truly live. *s*

  2. It sounds as if you want to live…

  3. Gofor it, GoGo. For we who put everyone and everything before ourselves mostly, it is good to stop and reprioritise sometimes. Perfect timing for you, too. I would love to read yours!!

  4. Oh my gosh!! May I steal your list?? Those are precisely the things that I want…or at least some of what I want!

    What a great idea…I do a gratitude list every day, but I think I need to temper it with a list of my needs and wants, as well.

    And, since my birthday is coming up on July 1, I think this is a great time to implement that…


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